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A product suite that includes all of the above PDF products and allows you to do pretty much whatever you want with PDFs

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Clarion® Developers now have the choice of using our generic SDKs, or downloading our Clarion® specific SDKs which include extra Clarion® classes, templates and examples for fast and easy integration into their Clarion® based applications.

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PDF-XChange - reviews and comments updated

2 Mar 2015

Our Viewer and PDF-XChange software are receiving some excellent independent reviews and comments - not that we are resting on our laurels - development to improve and refine continues at a brisk pace !

Here are just a few of the reviews and blogs being posted about the new PDF-XChange Viewer  that 1000's every day are downloading and using in place of Adobe's own Acrobat Reader !!!

For English Readers :

For some of our Non English Reading clients :

and there is plenty more if you just 'Google' 'Best PDF Reader',  PDF-XChange Viewer or PDFXViewer as the PDF-XChange has also become known - you will be pleased you did ! Full Story

Monday Feb 9th - Statutory Holiday in BC, Canada

8 Feb 2015

We would like to advise all our clients that Monday Feb 9th -  Statutory Holiday in BC, Canada for; Family Day! Full Story

Product Maintenance Prices are increasing as of Feb 1, 2015

23 Jan 2015

As many of you will already be aware during 2014 we have invested heavily in expanding both our software engineering and support teams.

This will allow us to accelerate the addition of new functionality and features in all of our existing products during the first half of 2015 with new functionality in existing products and 100% new applications and developer kits scheduled for release during the first 2 quarters of the new year.

To allow us to continue to invest further during the next 12 months at similar or greater levels in both product development and customer support we will be increasing the rates charged for maintenance across all of our product ranges as from February 1st 2015, please see the table below for specific details on how this will affect our maintenance pricing.

Extended maintenance purchased at the time of the license is increasing by 5% and Maintenance Renewals will be increasing by 7.5%. Full Story

Critical Power Outage

6 Nov 2014
Regrettably much of Vancouver Island suffered extreme weather conditions today causing massive power outages to a large proportion of the Island including our office location. We therefore have no power - all of our office systems are down including our mail servers and internet services. It may be some time before full power and internet services are fully restored and once this is done - it will take us a little time to catch up with all outstanding sales and support requests. As you will appreciate this is beyond our control and we apologize for any inconvenience this may cause - rest assured we will do all we can to minimize delays once we are in a position to restore services. Thank you for your patience at this time. Full Story

Essential Maintenance - Email Servers

8 Oct 2014

Essential Maintenance - Email Servers

We have this week installed both new server hardware and software to upgrade our mail servers necessitated by the huge volume of mail and attachments we both receive and send.

Inevitably this will cause some slow down in our systems as the huge archive we have going back several years must also be backed up and migrated and connections restored across the entire company and will take several days to complete fully. 

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience caused.



  Full Story

Windows XP - Microsoft updates end on April 8th 2014...

5 Feb 2014

Microsoft Updates and Bug Fixes for XP will end on April 8th 2014, you can read more here

How will this affect your Tracker Software Applications such as PDF-XChange going forward ?

More info available here;

  Full Story

SWREG Credit Card payment outage....

13 Dec 2013

This morning our primary payment processor for Credit Cards 'SWREG' experienced some issues with their systems due to a power outage and  all client orders were rejected with various messages. Please choose the PayPal credit card option for onine orders or contact us and we can process your order offline trough our bank terminal here in the office.
Full Story

Monday Nov 11 - Canadian Statutory Holiday

9 Nov 2013


We would like to advise all our clients that Monday 11th November, 2013 is a statutory Holiday in Canada for 'Rememberance' Day !

Full Story

PDF-XChange Editor Released !

22 Oct 2013

Yes - its here - The PDF-XChange Editor is now complete and available for download ! Full Story

Latest Adobe Security breach compromises user payment info and product Source Code ...

4 Oct 2013

The BBC and many other news organisations are reporting perhaps one of the most serious breaches of user and program data yet for the Software giant, from the BBC news site ;

"Adobe has confirmed that 2.9 million customers have had private information stolen during a "sophisticated" cyber attack on its website.

The attackers accessed encrypted customer passwords and payment card numbers, the company said.

But it does not believe decrypted debit or credit card data was removed.

Adobe also revealed that it was investigating the "illegal access" of source code for numerous products, including Adobe Acrobat and ColdFusion."

For full story click here; Full Story

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