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I have a problem with opening some files. I get an error message with an error code.

Knowledge Base Article: KB283 - Created On: Jun 7, 2010 09:19 AM - Last Modified: Apr 2, 2014 01:24 PM


 When I try to open a  particular file, I get one of the following error messages:

  • "Code: 0x82140002
    Description: Error [PDF Structure 40]: Invalid file format"
  • Code: 0x82142717
    Description: Error [PDF Structure 40]: Invalid property type
  • Code: 0x821427B1
    Description: Error [PDF Structure 40]: Invalid reference table (xref)


  1. This error
         Code: 0x82140002
         Description: Error [PDF Structure 40]: Invalid file format
    means that you are trying to open non PDF file (even if its extension is .pdf).
  2. These two errors:
         Code: 0x82142717
         Description: Error [PDF Structure 40]: Invalid property type 

         Code: 0x821427B1
         Description: Error [PDF Structure 40]: Invalid reference table (xref)

    Mean the file is damaged.  For some reason the file is not completed, either the file was corrupted during copying or perhaps an incomplete download from a remote location.  The original file could also be corrupted or damaged for other reasons.  Mozilla Firefox will sometimes cause this if the PDF file you are attempting to view is larger than the Firefox Cache limit.  (50MB or 20MB depending on your installation of Firefox.)




For Non-PDF files: 

PDF-XChange Editor and Viewer are designed to open, display, edit, and mark up PDF files.  It is not designed to open other file formats, but it is possible to create a PDF form various other sources like image files, scanner output or even the Windows Clipboard, but this is a different operation from opening file formats other than PDF.

For Damaged PDF files: 

If PDF-XChange Viewer is opening the file within Mozilla Firefox and you get this error it could be that the file is larger than the default 50MB cache size limit enforced by Firefox.  There are 3 possible resolutions to this :

  1. Upgrade to build 52 or newer of PDF-XChange Viewer.
  2. Upgrade to the PDF-XChange Editor
    From build 52.0 of PDF-XChange Viewer and as of the first build of PDF-XChange Editor, we include the option to download the file as a stream rather than use the Firefox Cached File method for downloading files.  Please note that when viewing very large files can affect performance.
  3. Increase the size of the Firefox Cache.  Most users have reported success with setting this to 100MB.

               Firefox > (press Alt on the keyboard to show the toolbar) Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Offline Storage

    Firefox Cache setting

  4. If you are still having issues opening a file please use the built in Error
    reporting feature of PDF-XChange Viewer and attach the file in question as
    well as the 4 zip files prompted for to the email that it composes.

         PDF-XChange Viewer --> Help --> Report a Problem.

    This will launch your default Mail Client (must be Simple MAPI compliant) and compose an email with attachments of some system settings we need. There is nothing of a personal nature in these files and they are needed to start the troubleshooting process - Please be sure to include these attachments when you send the email.




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