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PDF-Tools SDK provides developers with libraries and API for the creation and manipulation of fully native, Adobe® Compatible PDF files. PDF-Tools does not include our print drivers this is available in the  PDF-XChange PRO SDK or the PDF-XChange Drivers API. PDF-Tools SDK can convert directly from any of the supported Image format files (BMP, DCX, GIF, JBIG, JBIG2, JPEG, JNG, PCX, PNG, TIFF & AMF/WMF/EMF - please check the docs for latest list) to PDF format and you can extract images to Image formats. Merge existing files or Extract pages to create new files, create Thumbnails, Bookmarks and retrieve page count and File properties from these PDF files.

STOP PRESS: Now includes PDF Viewing functionality ! 

Need OCR ? -
this is available in the complete PDF-XChange PRO SDK

Clarion Developers have the choice of using our generic toolkits, or our Clarion specific SDKs which offer Clarion specific Help and Examples, along with comprehensive classes and templates for all versions of Clarion from C5b and up, making its major functions simple to incorporate into their project.

*Each PDF-Tools SDK License includes 100,000 end user installations royalty-free.


Here is a brief - but not exhaustive list of the functionality available with the PDF-Tools SDK!

  • Create New Adobe® Compatible PDF files from Image file formats
  • Create New Adobe® Compatible PDF files from text, lines, drawings and objects etc
  • Crop Pages
  • Rotate Pages
  • Scale pages
  • Merge existing PDF Files
  • MAPI, SMTP, FTP and HTTP post methods included
  • Extract pages from existing PDF Files
  • Delete Pages from existing PDF Files
  • Extract Images from existing PDF files
  • (ALL new Netlib library with much improved Methods)
  • Add Watermarks (Image and Text)
  • New Placement functionality for watermarks and also Text masking and Replacement functionality to allow page renumbering etc on merged/extracted PDF files.
  • and much much more!
  • Scan directly to PDF using either Twain/WIA options (32/64 bit)
  • Extract text from a PDF file to a Unicode/ASCII txt file.
  • Create and Edit Bookmarks & Thumbnails for your PDF files
  • Encrypt/Password protect your files (40-128 bit algorithm)
  • AES Encryption
  • Overlay - use a PDF as a background page/stationery - to add content.
  • For Clarion For Windows C5B and later - Full set of Clarion Classes/Templates/Doc's and Demo Applications
  • Annotations
  • *Digital Signatures
  • *NEW-Adobe® Acroform® creation for dynamic data entry via an enabled PDF Reader
  • *Low Level API for advanced functionality
  • 32/64 bit libraries included
  • Includes limited distribution license for PDF-XChange Viewer PRO SDK (2,500 CDLP)

* Requires PDF-XChange PRO SDK License

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Current Version: 4.0.312.1 (Updated on 16 Feb 2015)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP & Later
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Current Version: 4.0.312.0 (Updated on 19 Mar 2015)
Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP and Later
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by Andy Morgan 13 Dec, 2007 10:46 AM PDT

This is a great tool to add to any Clarion app. You'll find more and more reasons to use it, support is wonderful and the resulting PDFs are top-notch, small and perfect everytime.