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13 Jun 2005

Clarion 6.2 !

Clarion 6.2 Tested OK & Image-XChange Version 3 for Clarion realeased!

Pleased to confrim that we have tested successfully the new Clarion 6.2 release and all appears well with both PDF-XChange PRO SDK (including Drivers), PDF-Tools SDK and Image-XChange V3 - the latter is the latest free upgrade to our popular Imaging library for Developers.

Should any developers experience problems - please advise via our Support forums link below.

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09 Apr 2005

New License Packs and revised pricing - released !!

We are please to announce that as of 9th April 2005 we will introduce 6 new User License Volume packs for PDF-XChange 'Lite' and 3 new License pack types for the  'Pro' Editions.

There will be new 250, 500 and 1000 User license packs
for both products and Site, Country and Global Packs for the 'LIte' version aimed at corporate users who have multiple users across numerous locations.

The PDF-XChange 'Lite' multiple user packs will particuarly appeal to larger corporate users who seek a simple yet robust PDF creation tool to roll out across a broad range of users in multiple locations.

New Pricing and license packs made available today 9th April, 2005 !

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19 Feb 2005

Tracker PDF Viewer Announced - have your say !

We are pleased to announce the development of a rival to Adobe's Reader to view Acrobat PDF files.

Aware of a growing dissatisfaction from both general PC users and Software Developers alike with the latter versions of Adobe's own Acrobat PDF Reader, Tracker Software have announced 2 new Reader applications will be released in the late Spring with a 3rd due out later this year.

The first release will be a freely available Reader for general purpose viewing of PDF files with all the major functionality available in Adobe's reader, with some unique features and functions too to set it apart.

Combating the frustrating file opening times of Adobe's Reader and ensuring the viewer is not resource hungry will be key features - as will ease of use and the avoidance of bloated irrelevant features - however - this will still be a fully featured Reader, capable of all the essential functionality.

The 2nd of the initial products released will be aimed at Software Developers and provide a comprehensive means to incorporate within a developers software applications, the viewing and printing of PDF files - at an affordable price.

Both general users and software developers are invited to offer their opinions as to what features and functions are important to them, in a new topic area on our User's support forums - you must fill in the simple registration form to view and post

Tracker Support forums :

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18 Feb 2005

New Products

New Product's -  Schedule release (Spring 2005) :

xMF-XChange and xMF-XChange SDK, printer Drivers for the creation of enhanced metafiles (AMF, EMF and WMF options) from any Windows Applications - Release date March 2005.

PDF-Tools Wizard V3.5 - Long awaited update to Version 3, this is a 100% re-write adding new user interface, improved functionality and new features - Release date April 2005 (free to all Version registered users)

PDF-Tools SDK V3.5 - 100% updated release of PDF-Tools SDK library of functions for Software Developers allowing the editing of all objects within a PDF page or file - offering low and high level API for developers of varying experience.   

Release date April/May 2005 (free to all Version registered users)

PDF-XChange Viewer - Professional comprehensive to Adobe's own Acrobat Reader for viewing PDF files. Support for PDF formats 1.2 thru 1.6 (Adobe V7)

Release date Spring 2005 (free General user's release & paid for Developers SDK)

More Info

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29 Dec 2004

Image-XChange SDK Version 3 available

Image-XChange SDK Version 3 release:

Is now available - Version 3 will be a FREE Upgrade for all existing licensee's and we expect to distribute the free upgrade details early in the new year - if not before.

For those wishing to take an early look prior to license distribution - please download the demo release available for general use - we will shortly provide licensed users with serial numbers etc - if you do not receive yours by January 4th 2005 - please send an email to with your proof of purchase info and we will send you the information by return.  

Version 2 was an internal build only - for use in our own products and to allow us to test all the new features and functions.

Clarion Developers will receive their serials etc a little into January (around the 3rd week we hope) as we are now progressing Clarion Classes and Templates, Doc's and Demo's prior to release. Any Clarion developer purchasing now will recieve Version 1.x with a free upgrade to V3 as soon as available.

Version 3 Evaluation - please click here the download is approx 2mb

For more info on Image-XChange please click here

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21 Dec 2004

NEW Support Contact info

All users should view this page if you require support now or may do in the future.

Due to a massive increase in spam to our previously published email addresses we have been forced to introduce a web based support user support Forum - we have been forced to disable the old email addresses published until further notice.

This also allows you to view previous users questions and our answers - as well as FAQ and revisions pages on the forum for each product available.

Thank you for your co-operation.

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04 Nov 2004

New feature: Add-in for MS Office Users

PDF-XChange Version 3.4065 and later, (both Standard and Pro versions) has benefited from a useful new feature Add-in for MS Office Users.

Now if you select the optional MS Office Add-in when installing and have Office 97 or later Toolbar buttons will be added for PDF Creation, Bookmarks/Hyperlinks Selection based on Office styles and Settings - as well as a general settings button to allow you to control most of the PDF-XChange printer drivers options and variations.

Create clickable table of contents links embed URL hyperlinks in your documents - i.e. text such as 'Click Here' can have an embedded Internet or Email link.

This includes unrivalled compression and optimisation when converting your documents to PDF, in recent independent tests PDF-XChange converted users CAD files to PDF and the resulting file was up to 90% smaller than our nearest rivals - including Adobes own conversion tools!

As always this upgrade is provided free to existing Version license owners. To evaluate PDF-XChange Version 3 please click here.

Note: The above feature is not available in PDF-XChange 'Lite'

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02 May 2004

Now available - PDF-XChange LITE

Many users don't require the fuller feature set available in our current release of PDF-XChange (Standard and Pro) and are looking for a simple way to make the smallest PDF's possible without any other tools and tricks - just straight forward, highly optimised PDF's.
PDF-XChange V3 LITE is sure to be the answer !
A simple, print to PDF with no fancy features - NOW available for trial - purchase available Friday May 7th 2004 !
The cost will be less than half the cost of our current standard feature rich product priced @ $49.50 ($69.50 for the 'PRO' release)  PDF-XChange 'Lite' will suit many users needs at $19.50 for a single user license. Multi License packs available.

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