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15 Apr 2021

Presenting Build 353 - Released in April 19th, 2021!

We at Tracker Software Products are pleased to announce the release of Build 353 of our PDF-XChange V9 product line released April 19th, 2021

Here is a short video highlighting some of the new features to be included in our latest, highly anticipated release of the PDF-XChange Editor.

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31 Mar 2021

COVID-19 Work from Home License Variations Extended

COVID 19 - 'Work from Home' License 'Terms and Conditions' variation extended for users of PDF-XChange and PDF-Tools products.

Early in the spring of 2020, as many parts of the world faced the initial realities of trying to live and work with the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic, we volunteered a variation of our normal EULA terms in an effort to assist our clients who were working from home. This variation allowed all of our clients to install and use our products on the equipment of staff working from home. Before this variation was available, all commercial users had to own the equipment on which our products were installed. We have decided to extend the date for which this assistance is available.

This decision was made because many clients continue to find themselves in a position where it is unwise/unsafe to require staff to work in an office environment on company-owned equipment. Therefore we have decided to extend this relaxation of our EULA licensing for a further period of time, subject to the following conditions:

1. As always, you must own a sufficient number of licenses to cover all staff who will be using our products - regardless of their location.
2. As always, each license you own permits one user to utilize our products, and that user may install the product on one desktop PC and one laptop/notebook/tablet - provided they are the primary user of both devices. We do not now - nor have we ever - supported or offered licenses based on the 'concurrent' user licensing model.
3. During the period of the COVID-19 pandemic we will relax our normal location and equipment ownership rules on installation as follows: staff of commercial users may install our products on their home and personal equipment - irrespective of where they are located - provided as always that conditions 1 and 2 above are met.
4. As of December 31st, 2021 - or as soon as staff at any licensee's office return to working full-time on their normal office environment - all copies of our products must be removed immediately from any home/personal equipment, and our normal EULA terms will resume.
5. The variations detailed above shall expire for all users on December 31st, 2021, and our normal EULA terms will then be automatically reinstated, irrespective of the status of the COVID-19 pandemic.
6. If you cannot or will not accept any of the above variations to our terms and conditions, in full and specifically conditions 4 and 5 above - then we do not offer you the right to utilize the voluntary license variations detailed above.
7. After December 31st 2021, we may or may not choose to extend the expiry date of the variations detailed above. Please contact us nearer that time - or visit our website - for further news and updates.

Kind regards and good health - from all of us at PDF-XChange Co Ltd/Tracker Software Products Ltd.

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12 Mar 2021

Tracker Software Ceases Sales of all Software Developer Kits - March 12th, 2021

Tracker Software ceases sales of all SDKs from March 12th, 2021.

It is with some sadness that we are announcing the cessation of sales of our software developer kits, which were first introduced in early 2001 with our Tiff-XChange and PDF-XChange Driver SDKs.

These were our very first products released for direct sale to clients, and for a long time were the backbone of our revenue stream. However, over the past fifteen years or so, our end-user application products sales have hugely outperformed our SDK sales and the latter have proved to be somewhat of a distraction to our primary development goals. 

We will cease offering extensions to existing maintenance agreements immediately in order to allow for a 'tapered' reduction in support and updates over the coming months. A complete cessation in functional and service updates is expected by the end of our version 9.x releases, which is anticipated to be during the latter part of 2022, although this date is not definite and subject to change.

We would like to thank all those who have supported us in relation to our SDK products over the past two decades and we wish them every success for the future. We will of course continue to offer support and updates to all clients with maintenance agreements that have extended terms, and will continue to do so until the expiry of those agreements.

Our SDK products will continue to allow you to create feature-rich applications with PDF functionality for many years to come, and they will not cease to function as a result of not being available for purchase. There is no built-in "time out" for these products, and all applications that contain our SDK functionality will continue to operate as normal. 

If you require any further clarification or assistance in relation to this issue then please contact us and we answer you as soon as possible.

- The Tracker Software Products Team

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10 Mar 2021

Email services are now restored - we apologize for any inconvenience caused.

We are pleased to confirm that our email services are now back online after we were forced to fully reinstall and update our MS Exchange mail servers on Tuesday, March 9th.

As always, our other means of support such as the user forums and website Live Chat feature of the website were still available. We regret any inconvenience and delay this may have caused and we would like to apologize to all of our clients. This issue occurred as a result of an attack Worldwide on Microsoft Exchange Servers that was announced late last week. If you use any MS Mail services then we urge you to contact your technical staff and ensure that you are protected. Further information about this issue is available here,

Please be assured that this was a precautionary maintenance update - no data breach occurred at Tracker Software Products or PDF-XChange Co and no information was accessed by any third parties. We are currently working through the backlog of emails that this maintenance period has created, and this will take about 24 hours to complete. If you have an urgent issue, or are concerned that your communication has been missed, please DO resend your message and we will reply to you as quickly as possible. You can also contact our team via the Website Live Chat to get an instant answer to any queries that you have. Normal services will resume very shortly - if they have not already.
Our sales and support departments can also be reached via the Website LiveChat and Free Support Forums. 

Thank you for your understanding and patience during this issue.

The Tracker Software Products/PDF-XChange Co team.

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05 Mar 2021

Staurday March 6th, Emergency ISP Maintenance Scheduled: Email & Live Chat Outages Expected

Due to intermittent ISP outages experienced this week our ISP has scheduled Emergency maintenance to their network on Staurday March 6th, 2021.

Maintenance Duration is expected to be up to 4 hrs starting between 1:00 am -  7:00 am Mountain Time (MST), which is 8:00 am - 2:00 pm (GMT), and 12:00 am - 6:00 am (PST) 

PDF-XChange Co/Tracker Software's email services will be interrupted during the outage as well as website LiveChat services.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Mail sent during any such outage should be received once the service is resumed.

Your patience is appreciated during this time.

Best regards,

Tracker Software Products/PDF-XChange Co.

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04 Mar 2021

Thursday March 4th: ISP Intermittent outages

Due to unforeseen ISP outages, Tracker Software's mail services are currently experiencing intermittent disruptions.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.  Mail sent during any such outage should be received once the service is resumed.

Your patience is appreciated during this time.

Best regards,

Tracker Software Products

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23 Feb 2021

PDF-XChange - Reviews and comments updated

Our Viewer and PDF-XChange software are receiving some excellent independent reviews and comments - not that we are resting on our laurels - development to improve and refine continues at a brisk pace !

Here are just a few of the reviews and blogs being posted about the new PDF-XChange Viewer  that 1000's every day are downloading and using in place of Adobe's own Acrobat Reader !!!

For English Readers :

For some of our Non English Reading clients :

and there is plenty more if you just 'Google' 'Best PDF Reader',  PDF-XChange Viewer or PDFXViewer as the PDF-XChange has also become known - you will be pleased you did !

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18 Feb 2021

Wednesday, February 24th Payment Processor Share-It scheduled maintenance order fullfillment delays expected

Date: Wednesday, February 24, 2021
Time: 4 AM to 8 AM CDT/ 11 AM to 3 PM CET

Our credit/debit card payment processors Share-It/MyCommerce will be undergoing planned maintenance to their systems.

Though they will continue to take orders during the planned maintenance, but there may be temporary delays in customer fulfillment/order confirmation emails. The Share-It/MyCommerce MyAccount customer area may be temporarily unavailable as well.

We do offer an alternative for VISA and Mastercard payments that are processed via PayPal servers (no account required) during that time or for orders over $/€250.00 we also offer offline payment by credit card as well.

All available options are displayed in the online store shopping cart.

We appreciate your business and thank you for your patience.

PDF-XChange Co/Tracker Software Products Team


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