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28 Nov 2016

PDF-XChange Version 6 Build 319 Released!

We at Tracker Software Products are pleased to announce the release of Build 319 of our PDF-XChange V6 product line on November 28, 2016.

Here is a short video highlighting some of the new features to be included in our latest, highly anticipated release of the PDF-XChange Editor

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01 Sep 2016

PDF-XChange Version 6 Build 318 Coming Soon

We at Tracker Software Products are pleased to announce the upcoming release of Build 318 of our PDF-XChange V6 product line in September 2016.

Here is a short video highlighting some of the new features to be included in our latest, highly anticipated release of the PDF-XChange Editor.


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18 Jul 2016

Canadian Office phones have been restored.

Update: As of 1:06 pm Pacific Standard Time phone lines to our Canadian office have been restored.

Our Canadian office's phones are currently down unexpectedly, the service provider is working to resolve the issue.  In the meantime please contact our Canadian office sales staff via the and our support staff via the usual until the phones lines are back up.

As well our Free Support Forums are available for support questions.

Your patience is appreciated.

Thank you,

Tracker Software Products

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28 Jun 2016

Clarion support discontinued.

 Cessation of support for Clarion as a development tool.

It is with great personal regret and indeed a heavy heart - that I have to announce today that we will no longer be able to offer our products with the supply of Clarion specific add-on's such as Templates/Classes/DEMO's and Installer.

In the last year or more our primary Clarion developer Craig Ransom who many of you will know from the Clarion community over the years, has suffered a serious deterioration in his health and personal circumstances and this has led to less than ideal support and development for our Clarion users and indeed not up to the high standards you have come to expect from us over the past 15 years and we have always sought to offer.

Additionally our own sales to Clarion developers (in common with many 3rd party Clarion developers) has declined significantly over the past years and in reality we have long been unable to make an economic case for continuing to offer our 3rd party tools tailored for Clarion use - our own humble beginnings as Clarion developers in 1997 - coupled with Craig's enthusiasm and dedication made it very difficult emotionally to make the tough commercial decision that has frankly been long overdue, to cease Clarion support.

Therefore we have decided that as of today we can no longer confidently provide our tools commercially for the use of the Clarion community with Classes/Templates and libraries etc.

We would be pleased to reach an accommodation with any suitable individual or commercial organization that wish to continue to create a set of 3rd party tools based on our existing offering - provided they are willing to maintain and update and support as may be required.

Should you be interested in doing so please contact me direct and I will be pleased to consider any suggestions that may be forthcoming.

Craig has promised that he will do his utmost to correct some known issues before fully retiring - as I understand it there are some problems with the scanning templates/classes and he hopes to be able to resolve these through some minor updates to be posted as soon as possible.

If any client has purchased/renewed one of our products specifically for Clarion use in the most recent of months with us we will be sympathetic to any requests for refunds subject to assurances that new end user applications have not been providing using updates released since their purchase.

May I sincerely thank all our Clarion clients for their support and loyalty over the years and wish them every success for the future.

John Verbeeten

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24 May 2016

If you dont want the Microsoft Windows 10 upgrade - be warned, you might get it anyway !!!!

Microsoft has faced criticism for changing the pop-up box encouraging Windows users to upgrade to Windows 10.

Clicking the red cross on the right hand corner of the pop-up box now activates the upgrade instead of closing the box.

And this has caused confusion as typically clicking a red cross closes a pop-up notification

The upgrade could still be cancelled, when the scheduled time for it to begin appeared, Microsoft said

The change occurred because the update is now labelled "recommended" and many people have their PCs configured to accept recommended updates for security reasons.

MS Update Window

This means dismissing the box does not dismiss the update.

Brad Chacos, senior editor at the PC World website, described it as a "nasty trick".

"Deploying these dirty tricks only frustrates long-time Windows users who have very valid reasons to stick with operating systems they already know and love," he wrote.

Microsoft said: "With the free Windows 10 upgrade offer ending on 29 July, we want to help people upgrade to the best version of Windows.

"As we shared in October, Windows 10 will be offered as a 'recommended' update for Windows 7 and 8.1 customers whose Windows Update settings are configured to accept 'recommended' updates.

"Customers can choose to accept or decline the Windows 10 upgrade."

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04 May 2016

Chrome Browser and download Issues

Problems with Google Chrome Browser when downloading ...

We have been advised that Chrome Browser users are facing issues/errors when attempting to download our products for installation.

This has been traced back to an issue with Chrome when our site redirects you to our 3rd party server suppliers non static 'Cloud' IP addresses to service download requests. Because this only propagates the service on demand and is not static there could be anything from one to 1000 servers servicing our download requests at any one time, this is an efficient and commonly used solution - but it appears Chrome finds this lack of conformity disturbing ...

Our Cloud Service Suppliers (Rackspace)  along with our web team are working on a solution that will resolve this issue long term - but for now we would suggest you either use another browser for this purpose - or use the substitute links below that redirect you to our static (but slower) direct server links here;

PDF-XChange Lite

PDF-XChange Editor

PDF-XChange Standard


PDF-XChange PRO Bundle

Thank you for your patience while we resolve this issue.


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16 Apr 2016

Google Chrome Download issues

Problems with Google Chrome installation ...

We have been advised that some of our installers are creating problems for some users if they use Google Chrome to perform a download of our products and even report that if the user over rides Google's default download options that the installation 'Will harm' the users system.

We categorically refute this accusation and assure users this is not the case - our installers will not in way harm your system 

We have urgently requested Google to review this matter and remove this warning without delay and hope this situation will be resolved by them promptly - in the meantime we apologise for any inconvenience that this heavy handed and unjustified action.

In the meantime We recommend you use an alternate browser should you experience download issues with Chrome until we can resolve this issue with Google.

Thank you for your patience.


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23 Mar 2016

New look Web site and new Version 6 product releases !

Welcome to the new look - Tracker Web Site - we hope you like it !

But that's not all that's new - today we also launch Version 6 of all our products with a totally new PDF-Tools Version 6 product that offers some excellent new features and powerful tools to create your own functionality along with the new PDF-XChange Editor 'Plus' offering our new PDF forms creation and editing !

Additionally we have added our PDF-XChange Lite Printer driver to the PDF-Tools product to allow users to create PDF files from any 3rd party application/format that can print...

Over the coming days and weeks we will be adding new content and features to the Web site - so please do check back again in the very near future.



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20 Jan 2016

MalwareBytes - False Positive virus notice in build 316.1

MalwareBytes Antivirus - Incorrect Virus warning.

We reported this issue to MalwareBytes support team and they have now agreed with us that this is an incorrect - False/Positive warning and have cleared all of our products - this warning will be removed from their Virus definition database hopefully later today and you should receive no further warnings on installing any of our products . Here is a copy of their communication to us and a topic on their forums:


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