23 Apr 2020

PDF-XChange Co and Tracker Software Products (Canada) Ltd announce all products removed from sale in Mainland China

As of Tomorrow, April 24th, 2020 - Tracker Software Products (Canada) Ltd or PDF-XChange Co Ltd -  will cease all sales and support of our range of PDF-XChange Editing and Manipulation software to Mainland China or sold to Chinese Companies or users.

Our products (both free and paid for) are used by several 100's millions of users around the world - either in our own end user software applications or via being embedded in other Software Products and used indirectly.

All sales and support to users on/in Mainland China will therefore cease and no longer be available.

We will not change this policy unless the manner in which China and its governing regime interacts with the rest of world in every regard is done in a more open and globally responsible manner.

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