17 Nov 2020

Tuesday, November 17th Website down due to webhosting provider service disruption. Online Help Site & Support Forums have been restored

***UPDATE: Tues, Nov 17th 9:54 pm (PDT) Online Support Sites Have Been Restored (Free Online Support Forums & PDF-XChange Help Site)

Tuesday, November 17th 9:30 pm (PDT)

At 7:14 pm (PDT) our main website was offline for approx. 50 minutes due to a Webhosting Provider service outage interrupting our main website, sales and customer portals.

Our PDF-XChange Help Site (including online manuals) and Online Support Forums, are still unavailable due to this disruption in service.

They are working to resolve the issue and we ask for your patience at this time, support servers will be restored as soon as the service is back up.

Purchases through our online store will still be delivering order emails with license information, as well as our customer & reseller portals but our Online Support Resources are currently offline.

Product and Sales support will still be available by email (support@tracker-software.com and sales@tracker-software.com) during this outage.

Your patience is appreciated.

Tracker Software Products/PDF-XChange Co

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