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16 Nov 2008

PDF-XChange Viewer -Build 2.040 Released

The latest release of our Award winning PDF Viewing/Markup and Manipulation software is released adding many new and valuable functions - for more info see here  

The FREE version offers many added features not available with Adobe's FREE PDF Reader and the PRO version (and modestly priced) add's even greater versatility for just a few dollars more !

Users of the FREE version have access to all the PRO features in evaluation mode - purchasing and pasting the provided serial number into the FREE version registration option enables these features without a fresh download being required !

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21 Apr 2008

PDF-XChange /Tools V4 Developer SDK's released !

We are pleased to announce the release of our award winning version 4 Software Developer SDK's for PDF-XChange and PDF-Tools.

Important : Please read this entire notice if you are interested in a PDF-XChange/Tools Version 4 upgrade from an earlier release - or you use the PDF-XChange Viewer SDK.

The most notable changes occur at this time to the PDF-XChange Drivers - though a very important change affects all products - we have now dropped support for Windows 9x/ME and NT and this should allow us to devote more development resources to the most popular remaining Windows operating systems - Windows 2K/XP/Vista - both 32 and 64 bit - though your Version 4 serial number will also allow you to use the Version 3 SDK should the need arise to support older Windows operting systems - but please note - no further Version 3 development will continue. 

More significant feature updates will occur later this year to the PDF-XChange/PDF-Tools Library functions in version 4.5x and of course all developer's owning any of our Version 4 PDF SDK's also gain access to the PDF-XChange Viewer SDK at no extra cost ! 

You will also need to upgrade to Version 4 if you are using the PDF-XChange Viewer SDK freely, by virtue of the fact that you own version 3 of one of our other PDF SDK's - from Version 2.037 of the Viewer SDK - new serial numbers are required and will only be provided to those developers who actually purchased a standalone V1/2.x version of the PDF-XChange Viewer SDK itself - or licensed PDF-XChange/Tools VERSION 4 SDK owners

Version 1 or 2.x SDK existing users !

Please note that this will be the very last opportunity for Version 1 or 2.x SDK owners to acccess  discounted upgrade options - from March 31st 2009 Version 1 or 2.x owners will be required to purchase a full, new PDF-XChange or Tools V4 SDK License with no discount being available.

If you own Version 1 or 2.x - please email us with your full company info, as used at the time of purchase and also your License info and we will advise how to access your upgrade options.

Version 3.x SDK existing Users !

If you have not already registered - you will need to go here and register to acccess your upgrade options - these will be available from a link on the registered users web page.

If you have already registered - please login here to access your upgrade options.

If you cannot recall your login info - it may be requested here 

Should you have any problems registering or using your login - please email us with your full company and original purchase info - including (but not only) your serial number.

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27 Mar 2008

Vista Certification approved for PDF-XChange !

Works with Vista
We are very proud to announce that our PDF-XChange range of products have now gained the 'Works with Vista' logo certification from Microsoft - further assurance for our valued clients that they are not only using the very best PDF creation, Viewing and Manipulation tools - but they install and function in Microsoft's leading products too !

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23 Feb 2008

How to access your PDF-XChange V4 Upgrade options

Please read this page - carefully to avoid confusion ! 

All PDF-XChange V1-3.x  for end users - upgrade options to the latest Version 4 releases are now available to registered users of PDF-XChange - Developer options are not yet available.

Depending on what/when you purchased - you will receive a Free or Discounted upgrade against the same product and a discounted offer for other products/License types - for full info please register here.

Just because you have received an email from us as an owner of PDF-XChange/Tools - does not mean you are altready registered for upgrades - you must specifically register using your serial number, also registering on our Support Forums does not mean you are registered for upgrades - so please be sure your license is registered !

So ....

If you have version PDF-XChange V3.x ...

Please register as detailed below (you will require your serial number):

or if you are 100% sure you have already registered - using your login/password go here :

Once logged in - you will be informed what your upgrade options are.

Should your serial number not be recognised for any reason : - please contact us with your serial number and receipt/info on your purchase and we will endeavour to assist.

If you have PDF-XChange Versions 1 or 2.

Owners of Version 1-2.x are offered a 50% discount from the latest retail price - but you will need to contact us to gain access to via a special promotional offer/code - available for a limited time only - please email us with your original purchase and contact info.

This will be the VERY LAST opportunity for Version 1 or 2 owners to upgrade without making a new purchase at the full reccomended retail price - please do not miss this chance.


Tracker Software Products>
Download latest evaluation versions here :

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11 Feb 2008

PDF-XChange & Tools Version 4 - Released !

Please Note the upgrade options detailed in this 2008 news item have now expired - please login into your account to view your current upgrade options - if you have not registered your Version 3/4 serial number previously to create your account - you can do so here :

this news article is therefore available for archive reference purposes only!

We are very pleased to announce the release of Version 4
of our best selling PDF-XChange and Tools end user products.

Version 4 brings new features and an enhanced interface - but retains its fast PDF creation and our world beating file optimisation and compression features.

The feature highlights include :

PDF/A file format support - this new standard was devised to ensure that file content is such that the file will always be viewable by any conforming reader in years to come - and its content appear exactly as created - certain multimedia content is not allowed and also all fonts must be embedded in the file.

If you would like more info on PDF/A - please contact us.

PDF-XChange V4 (Standard and PRO)

Header-Footer Support - define and generate Headers and Footers automatically for all your files.
AES Encryption - We have extended the security options by adding the AES file encryption method.
n-UP page formatting - Let PDF-XChange organise and output your pages using the n-UP publishing format
Booklet Mode - Always wanted to print multiple pages in the correct order, resized to a single large page format then fold and guillotine as book publishers do ?
Preview and rescale pages - Visually view and adjust the page size before output to PDF via the preview window !

PDF-Tools V4

The changes to PDF-Tools are minor at this time - as we prepare to migrate the functionality to our new PDF-XChange Viewer PRO - this will combine the features currently available in PDF-Tools where possible and the visual interface provided now in our PDF-XChange Viewer, making any task you wish to perform creating or Modifying your PDF's easier and more intuitive to achieve.

Currently PDF-Tools V4 gets some updates to allow pages/files to be previewed as some tasks are performed and AES encryption - we have chosen not to waste further time upgrading PDF-Tools when it will shortly be replaced by the PDF-XChange Viewer 'PRO'

Upgrade policy/Info

Update - some techincal issues have delayed the upgrade notification/facility for existing users - this, we hope is now resolved and we should be able to send out upgrade information to all registered users on February 13th and 14th.

If you have V3 of PDF-XChange or PDF-Tools and purchased on or after January 1st 2007 - you will receive a free upgrade and provided we have your current email address - you will be sent details on how to claim this before January 31st.

If you have V3 of PDF-XChange or PDF-Tools and purchased before January 1st 2007 you will be offered Version 4 for a 70% discount from the current retail price, provided we have your current email address - you will be sent details on how to claim this before January 31st.

If you have V1 or 2 of PDF-XChange or PDF-Tools you will be offered Version 4 for a 40% discount from the current retail price, provided we have your current email address - you will be sent details on how to claim this before January 31st.

This will be the final opportunity for Version 1 and 2 users to upgrade at a discounted price - all future upgrades will require a new purchase at the full retail price currently published.

PDF-XChange Viewer PRO

As indicated, above we have begun work on our much anticipated PRO version of the currently available PDF-XChange viewer. This is already arguably the fastest, smallest download and most feature rich, comprehensive PDF Viewer available today.

We are merging the functionality of PDF-Tools 4 with the Viewer and adding in many new exciting features - only possible using a visual interface.

We will release the initial versions of 'PDF-XV-PRO' in the coming month or so and, whilst it will not immediately be a full replacement for PDF-Tools,we will build on the initial functionality over the coming months and are confident it will soon be a genuine alternative to the full Adobe Acrobat product - costing $100's.

If you own PDF-XChange PRO or PDF-Tools Version 4, you will receive this automatically as a free upgrade as soon as available, otherwise we will also offer the PRO Viewer as a standalone product, initially at a discounted price at around $19.95 - rising to approx $39.95 as the full feature set is available.

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26 Dec 2007

PDF-XChange and PDF/A ...

We are pleased to confirm that development of Version 4 of the PDF-XChange range of products is progressing well and to further confirm to our many users that PDF/A support will be a major feature addition  in the next full release - for all users of our PDF-XChange virtual print driver products and associated PDF creation end user utilities.

If PDF/A means nothing to you or your would like more info - please visit the PDF/A competence center web site.

Waiting for PDF/A support before purchasing?
We are delighted to confirm that this is not necessary, you can gain the full benefit of the advanced PDF creation and optimisation features of PDF-XChange now without delay - all licensed version 3 users of PDF-XChange purchased since January 1st 2007 will receive a free upgrade to Version 4 !

Latest : We expect to release PDF-XChange Version 4 on approx January 15th 2008.

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26 Dec 2007

PDF-XChange Viewer - new release !

Tracker Software are pleased to advise that build 1.031 of the PDF-XChange Viewer is now available (Both developers and End user versions) for download or if you are already an existing user - simply select the 'Help -> Check for Updates' option in the Toolbar menu's.

This new release now features Firefox integration and some important fixes and a FULLY Portable version is also available from our main downloads page which is just 4MB to download - but includes no help files etc - see here for details.

The PDF-XChange Viewer remains free for end user use (private or commercial) and a free addon for our existing PDF SDK developer clients subject to the distribution license limitations. 

More info :

End users Click here

Developer's Click here

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28 Jun 2007

PDF-XChange Viewer - new release !

Pleased to advise further improvements are now available in Build 1.021

To update from a previous build - use the Help -> Check for Updates feature

For a new installation :

Previously ....

Build 1.018 of the PDF-XChange Viewer is now available - adding many new features and improving others - here are some of the highlights:

Type on any page in any desired font 
Center or justify text
Supports CJK fonts too
Improved opening speeds
Progressive JPEG support improved
Improved speed/memory management
Multi Copy Printing
Apply from a variety of prescribed 'Stamps'
New Toolbars
Comments List and Properties
and much more

If you have installed - select the 'Help' menu and the drop down 'Update' menu

or download and install now

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28 Jun 2007

PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX for Developer's released

New Build released June 28th, 2007

We are pleased to advise that we have today released the ActiveX version of our PDF-XChange Viewer, allowing developer's to embed rich viewing and markup options for PDF files within their software application windows !

No more need to install and 'Shell' out to other Readers - embed the PDF-XChange Viewer directly in your software applications and allow your users to view, print, Form fill - add annotations, markup and type on any PDF page + much more - all from within your applications,no external add-ons or software required !

You will amaze your clients and enrich their PDF experience - all from your software application windows !

More info here


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