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21 Jan 2013

Threat identified, and promptly neutralized

 On Friday, Jan.18, a third-party researcher informed Secunia Research of a possible issue with the PDF-XChange Viewer: Build 2.5.207 whereby an embedded JPEG stream within a PDF file could be exploited by malicious people to compromise a vulnerable system.

Questionable as the threat was to our customers, it was treated with extreme importance. Within 24 hours Tracker Software issued a new release with protection against this potential, if unlikely, risk.

All Tracker Software clients are urged to update to our latest, free PDF-XChange Viewer: Build 2.5.208 as soon as possible.
The specific technical nature of the threat was:  Hypothetical/potential exploitation may allow execution of arbitrary code, but requires tricking a user into opening a malicious PDF document where a memory override can occur on handling the corrupted Define Huffman Table header of a JPEG image file stream.

Acknowledging software defects and security holes is inevitable and Tracker Software treats mission-critical defects and security issues very seriously.

Prompt responses to software defects and security holes have always been — and will continue to be — a top priority of Tracker Software’s product service. 

Our known security issue list — a total of four in more than 15 years of product releases and approximately 150 million client installations — is much shorter than that of our competitors’ due to the robust design of our products.

Tracker has published all the historic security issues on its website and keeps tracking potential security issues on daily basis.
We will continue to ensure our clients are protected with quality products and prompt action to resolve any issues found.

All product downloads are available here:

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30 Aug 2012

PDF-XChange V3 Beta

PDF-XChange Viewer/Editor - Version 3
We will be releasing a version 3 beta (or perhaps 'Alpha' is a better description) later today for licensed clients with current/valid maintenance.

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28 Oct 2011

Developer Application Directory launched to showcase developer client applications using SDK technologies.

Tracker Software Products has now launched our new Developer Application Directory, showcasing developers and companies who have integrated our Software Development Kit Technologies into their own applications and to introduce their products to end-users and other developers alike. Feel free to browse the directory and see the many possibilities that integrating our PDF and Imaging technologies can do.

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04 Aug 2011

Most Vulnerable software - Adobe take 6 of 10 top spots !

Most Vulnerable software - Adobe Reader take 6 of 10 top spots !

One of our long time users drew our attention to this article recently and we thought other users might well find it of interest !

Some of the most exploited vulnerabilities out in the wild are for Adobe Reader software or its components according to an article published by ZDNET recently.

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19 Jul 2011

Duped Users buy 'hacked copies of PDF-XChange ...

Duped Users buy 'hacked copies of PDF-XChange ...

We have recently been made aware of several clients who have unwittingly purchased what they thought were licensed copies of PDF-XChange - only to find they could not be activated and would only run in trial mode - don't be fooled - if its significantly cheaper than the versions listed on our web site - its probably such a version.

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