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20 May 2007

PDF-XChange Viewer - Build 1.017 now available

Version 1.017 of the Free PDF-XChange Viewer is now available.

Those wishing to view PDF files on their Windows PC's now have a REAL choice when it comes to reading PDF files - the PDF-XChange Viewer is smaller, faster and more feature rich than the Adobe Reader which has until now been the Reader of choice for PDF files - we think that's about to change !

See the latest information here

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9 Feb 2007

PDF-XChange and Tools for Vista/64 bit Windows

Tracker Software are pleased to announce that all of our V3.x PDF-XChange and PDF-Tools products install files now combine both 32 bit and Vista/64 bit installation into a single file available for download immediately.

There is now no longer the need to download a separate installer dependant on whether you used 32 bit or 64 bit Windows PC's - our installers will sense the correct version of our products to install for any version of Windows resident on your PC (from Windows 95 or later).

PDF-XChange & Tools support's Windows 95 through Windows XP/Vista 64.

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14 Aug 2006

Output any Windows document to an Image - with Raster-XChange

At the click of a button Windows users can output their MS Office, Acrobat PDF, AutoCAD - in fact any document or image to any of the supported image formats using Raster-XChange for Windows 2000, Xp, XP 64 or the lastest Windows Vista Operating system.

Simply open your document and print to the Raster-XChange printer - to the desired image format (single or multi page/ Mono/Grayscale or Color depending on the chose format) and within seconds Raster-XChange will create you output as required.

Supports output to the following standard image format types:


Software developers Royalty Free SDK also available !

for more information or a free fully functional evaluaton - click here

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20 Jun 2006

PDF-XChange Viewer released to Beta Testers.

The pre-public beta release (Build 002) of the PDF-XChange PDF viewer has finally been released to Beta Testers for final testing and review prior to release for a general public Beta shortly - after almost 2 years of development.

With many additional features not available in the Adobe PDF Viewer - The Tracker Software Viewer will still be FREE to end users for download and unlimited use.

For Software developer's the ability to embed PDF viewing, Printing and control within their application windows will be fully supported via our Developer SDK kits, with limited Royalty Free distribution (no Royalties).

For more information on any of the above - please contact

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15 Jun 2006

NEW Adobe Acroform Fields creation in PDF-XChange SDK

We are pleased to announce that the PDF-XChange PRO SDK for software developer's now includes new functionality for the creation of PDF files incorporating Adobe Acroform fields to allow users to dynamically enter data into enable PDF readers/viewers and then submit this data as required.

For more detailed information and a full list of available functions please download the latest PDF-XChange PRO SDK download the latest PDF-XChange PRO SDK and see the help file : PDFLib30Help.chm

This is a free upgrade for all existing Version 3.x licensed developers.

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6 Jan 2006

PDF-Tools Wizard Version 3.5 Released (Gold)

We are pleased to announce that the Gold version of this Major upgrade (free to licensed V3.x owners) is now available for use.

To download the evaluation/Live version please click here

To use in live mode (PDF-XChange PRO and PDF-Tools Licensed users only) - copy/paste your Version 3.x serial number into the 'Advanced' option 'About' Window or the installer when requested. 

This version is now feature complete and includes may new options - including Digital Signature Support, Extract PDF Pages/Files to Word Processing formats (including .RTF) for editing and much more ! 

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17 Nov 2005

PDF-XChange - 64 bit Windows ** Free** upgrade

PDF-XChange Version 3.5093 now includes 64 bit Windows Drivers released as a 'Gold' product for both End Users and Software Developers.

This a free upgrade/addition for all our licensed users.

Please note that whilst we have included the 64 bit drivers in the default download for Software Developers 'Client Installer' - there are separate downloads for our 32 (Windows 95 thru to Windows XP) and 64 Bit Windows End User installations (Windows XP64/Vista) in recognition that this adds size to the download file and will not be required as frequently (for now) as it will be by most Software Developers using our products.

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13 Sep 2005

FREE UPGRADE - Version 3.5

We are pleased to advise users that this Major Free upgrade is now available for download for all PDF-XChange and PDF-Tools users.

Version 3.5 includes many new features and improvements and PDF-Tools Wizard is a 100% new product - totally re-written and we are still intending to add new features over the coming months as part of this upgrade.

PDF-XChange also gets new features - some of which are detailed below, and we release PDF-XChange for Windows XP64 and Vista - Microsofts new 64 bit versions of Windows.

Be amongst the first in the World to have a 64 bit PDF creation tool - if you have a 64 bit version of Windows - and its available at no added cost to existing or new users - download today

New in PDF-XChange:

Digital Signatures support
PDF files/pages as Overlay's - foreground or back ground (similar to a watermark)
Import default settings in a profile including Watermarks (useful for multiple user installations)
Printer Renaming/append to name now supported (1st 12 characters reserved)
and more - see the revision notes :

and all this without any upgrade fees to existing licensed V3 users !

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17 Jun 2005

PDF-Tools SDK Version 3.5 released !

Now available - free upgrade to the new Developers Version 3.5 SDK. This powerful new library gives developers almost limitless capabilities to create and manipulate Adobe PDF files.

Existing PDF-Tools SDK owners now have many new functions via our new High Level API - with more coming in the next few weeks.

PDF-XChange Pro SDK users also have the additional power & functionality offered by the Low level API - literally allowing developers access to every object on every page of a PDF to manipulate and edit as they wish.

Please download the evaluation version (live when used with your license info) and see the help, for more information.

PLEASE NOTE: PDF-TOOLS SDK licensed users receive the new High Level API - but may only use the new Low Level API in evaluation mode. An upgrade to the PDF-XChange 'PRO' SDK for production use of live PDF's.

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12 Jun 2005

Clarion 6.2 !

Clarion 6.2 Tested OK & Image-XChange Version 3 for Clarion realeased!

Pleased to confrim that we have tested successfully the new Clarion 6.2 release and all appears well with both PDF-XChange PRO SDK (including Drivers), PDF-Tools SDK and Image-XChange V3 - the latter is the latest free upgrade to our popular Imaging library for Developers.

Should any developers experience problems - please advise via our Support forums link below.

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