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Is the PDF-XChange printer driver suitable for my company?


Is the PDF-XChange printer driver suitable for my company?

Please note that a user asked this question on the Tracker Software forum. Their requirements were:

  1. For their users to be able to print from any compatible application, such as Microsoft Office or Internet Explorer.
  2. For created PDF files to move to a central server (I.e. a network share/FTP server) that would feature an application-generated filename. N.b. these actions require the driver to have API hooks.
  3. For users to have no knowledge of either the share or the filename, including the absence of a Save As dialog box during the save process.
  4. For users to be able to set a username and password on the print options applet.


The PDF-XChange Drivers API can satisfy all of these requirements.

However, if it is necesssary for end users to print from any application to PDF, then the end user version of the driver is the correct one to purchase.

This is because the SDK version must be entirely application-controlled, and third-party applications such as Microsoft Word must be (code) called from the developer's application. The desired settings and license info must be passed to the driver during this process - otherwise it will operate in evaluation mode and watermarks will be present. These steps would be necessary for every third-party application from which printing is required, and many applications do not permit them. The SDK version is therefore problematic for this purpose and the end user version should be used instead.

Default parameters (such as file name, save location etc) can be determined when the end user version is installed. When files have been generated they can then be renamed, moved (and, if necessary, subsequently deleted from developer applications) as required.

See KB#262 for further information.

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