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I have a problem with PXCp_TransformPage.


I have a problem with PXCp_TransformPage.

I must scale a pdf to approx. 85%.
In the documentation I found a function PXCp_TransformPage to do this.
In Delphi the function is not declared in the unit PXCPro_40, nor the parameter PKCS_Matrix 
Why? And can I have the declaration?


PKCS_Matrix is almost identical to PXCP_Matrix (pointer to PXCP_Matrix structure), the only difference is that PKCS_Matrix points to constant matrix. In general almost all LPC... declarations can be replaced with corresponding LP... declarations.
Here is PXCp_TransformPage declaration:


function PXCp_TransformPage(pDocument: hPDF; PageNumber: DWORD; matrix: LPPXC_Matrix; flags: DWORD): HRESULT; stdcall; external xcprolib;
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