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I have a problem with spooler subsystem failure.


I have a problem with spooler subsystem failure.

The PDF printer is not visible in the list of printers when printing a document, and I found that the button PDF-XChange 4 in the Word 2007 menu also does not work. It does start making a beginning of a pdf file but it does not find the job and the progress bar in the lower left corner becomes green, but it also says 0% finished.
I tried to save a credit card statement, downloaded from the Internet. The download with the PDF-XChange viewer Pro was ok, but the "save as" button in the file menu gave no reaction, so I could not save the document.

Possible Solution:

The port monitor wasn't updated during installation of the driver.
Please uninstall PDF-XChange (you can leave the viewer), reboot your computer, and install PDF-XChange again.

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