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Can I use Excel to print several sheets in a single PDF?

  • Knowledge Base Article: KB185
  • Created On: Sep 3, 2009 09:39 AM
  • Last Modified: : Oct 18, 2017 03:09 PM
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There is an issue when the option to print the Entire Workbook to PDF is selected for Excel Workbooks that feature multiple/individual sheets. The output is a PDF that contains only part of the Excel document, or each sheet is saved as a different PDF file.


Excel assumes that individual sheets have different page setups, and sends them as multiple print jobs as a result.


The same page setup must be used for each page in order to print individual sheets in a single PDF file:

1. Open the Excel Workbook.

2. Right-click the tab for a sheet in the workspace. A submenu will be displayed.

3. Click Select all Sheets.

4. Click File in the Menu Toolbar. A submenu will be displayed.

5. Click Page Setup.

6. Determine the print settings and ensure the Print Quality is the same for all pages.

7. Press OK. (Please note that this is necessary even when nothing has changed, because it is how Excel understands that all sheets have the same page setup options).  

8. Click File in the Menu Toolbar. A submenu will appear.

9. Click Print. The software will prompt for further information.

10. Select Entire Workbook in the Print What option.

11. Click OK.


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