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How do I delete the Stamp Toolbar and/or standard stamps in PDF-XChange Viewer?


How do I delete the Stamp Toolbar and/or standard stamps in PDF-XChange Viewer?

I create personal stamps. Can I delete the default Stamp Toolbar and/or standard stamps?


The Stamp Tool is one feature of many in the Comment and Markup Toolbar (PDF-XChange Viewer) and Commenting Toolbar (PDF-XChange Editor). Therefore it is not possible to remove this icon from the user interface without removing several other items at the same time. If you want to do this then click View in the Menu Toolbar, then hover over Toolbars and disable Comment and Markup Toolbar (PDF-XChange Viewer) or Commenting Toolbar (PDF-XChange Editor).

The default stamps cannot be deleted as they are used for stamp types that PDF specification predefines. Therefore they must always be available. However, since build 40.4 of PDF-XChange Viewer, it is possible to hide stamp groups from the Stamp Tool dropdown menu:

1. Click the dropdown arrow on the right of the Stamp Tool shortcut in the Comment and Markup Toolbar.

2. Click Show Stamps Palette:

3. All stamp collections are show on the left side of the Stamps Palette:

4. Select/clear checkboxes to show/hide associated stamp collections in the Stamp Tool dropdown menu.

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