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I have a problem with Active-X objects missing from my list of Active-X objects in my development environment.


Why are Active-X objects missing from the list of Active-X objects in my development environment? How can I make them available?

Please note that a developer posted this question in the Tracker Software forum. They were using the PDF-XChange Drivers API. This query was asked on many occasions after the implementation version 4 - often when developers were using VB, Excel, Visual FoxPro, Excel, Word and similar applications.


This issue arises when the incorrect AX is used. There are two types of AX: AX Controls and COM objects. 

AX Controls can be placed on forms (the PDF-XChange Viewer SDK AX Control functions in this manner). However, the Driver's AX in the PDF-XChange Drivers API does not need to be visible. We decided to implement it as a COM object in version 4, as opposed to a visible control, which it had been previously. Therefore it is necessary to add a reference to the "PDF-XChange V4.0 Type Library" in order to gain access to the Driver's AX.

This library can be added manually to the controls list in cases where it is not available. The Browse button in the References dialog box can be used for this purpose. Simply select the pdfSaver4.exe file from the folder where the PDF-XChange SDK is installed. This should resolve the issue and allow you to locate and use the Drivers API SDK as required.

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