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How do I manage memory usage in the PDF-XChange products?


How do I manage memory usage in the PDF-XChange products?

Why does the memory that the PDF-XChange products use increase from 20MB to several hundred when I open some files?


The PDF-XChange products cache pages to enable seamless browsing. This requires a large amount of memory for large files, but only when they are in use. The memory is freed after a short timeout - usually thirty seconds after the window is minimized - and immediately when documents are closed.

The Performance preferences can be used to customize/limit memory usage:

1. Click File > Preferences (or Ctrl+K) in the Ribbon Toolbar. A window will be displayed.

2. Click Performance in the Categories section.

3. Use the dropdown menus in the Memory Usage tab to determine memory usage. Note: the default setting is Automatic, which is 25% of the available physical memory.

Please note that this process determines the usage for the entire application, not per document. If the memory usage is set to a low value and multiple documents are opened simultanesouly then loading times will incease - even when browsing between pages of the same document.

Optimal memory settings depend on the documents in use. A low memory setting is fine for simple documents that contain text and small images. But documents that CAD and similar applications have been used to create, and documents that contain multiple large images, require a greater amount of memory in order for the software to perform at its best.

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