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How do I enter serial and developer codes into my application?


How do I enter serial and developer codes into my application?


For current software versions the DEV CODE is no longer in use, so you should now leave the field blank "" when following the rest of the steps below. If you have further questions, please see our online developer help resources, available from the help page:

Legacy software information is left available below for developers using a prior version of the SDK products.

Serial and developer codes must be included within application code, and prior to compiling, in order to deactivate the demo watermarks that otherwise feature on output. The following excerpt of is from the VB example (VbExCOM; MainFrm.frm, pg 4) included in the Drivers API SDK installation files:

Private Sub InitSaverObj()
Set PDFPrinter = PDFPFactory.Printer("", "PDF-XChange Sample", "<YOUR REG CODE>", "<YOUR DEV CODE>")


When codes have been entered it will appear as below (Current):

Set PDFPrinter = PDFPFactory.Printer("", "PDF-XChange Sample", "PDSXXX......XXXX", "")


Set PDFPrinter = PDFPFactory.Printer("", "PDF-XChange Sample", "PDSXXX......XXXX", "PDFX3$111XXXX111*")

    pname = PDFPrinter.Name
End Sub

Public Sub Form_Load()
    TypeOption(1).Value = True
End Sub

Compile and run your application after these codes have been added to the source code. Watermarks should no longer appear.

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