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I entered my developer's SDK license information. Why are there still demo restrictions?


 I entered my developer's SDK license information. Why are there still demo restrictions?


Demo restrictions are always removed when license information is entered. If there are still demo restrictions in the product then the code must have been entered incorrectly in the uncompiled application.

Prior to version 5.5 of our applications, Tracker Software provided a developer's code and serial number (also referred to as REG.DevCode and REG.Key in some documentation) after a purchase was made. These items both had to be embedded in applications in order to disable demo restrictions/evaluation watermarks. (N.b. watermarks created in trial versions are not automatically removed when a license is purchased. It is necessary to start from the beginning and use the original material again).

Since version 5.5 the developer codes have been embedded in the serial keys, which is the only element that must now be added to developer applications. 

Please note:

  • Developers codes/serial numbers/license keys are not needed in the GUI of applications. They must be made completely inaccessible to unlicesned users.
  • The product documentation/help files contain specific information about the correct functions/syntax to use.
  • Extensive examples are included in the '/Examples/' installation folder.
  • Product manuals are available here.
  • Tracker Software offers unrestricted downloading/use of our developer SDK products in evaluation mode (which adds watermarks to output content). We encourage developers to make full use of the evaluation versions of our products prior to purchase. The best approach is to complete the development of applications, and ensure that they operate as desired, before a purchase is made. Our hope is that this can ensure your satisfaction as we do not offer refunds.
  • Clarion developers should note that we provide a simple method to embed these codes into a text file called that is located in the /3rdparty/libsrc/ folder. These are utilized automatically when our classes/templates are used, which means it is not necessary to modify each individual application. Please also note that the option to use Clarion was discontinued in version 6 of our products.
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