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How do I hide the 'AD' button on the toolbar ?


How do I hide the 'AD' button on the toolbar?

There is a button on the toolbar in PDF-XChange Viewer that says 'Download PDF Creation Tools'. How do I hide it?


If you are an unlicensed user then this button cannot be hidden or removed. We placed it there to promote our best-selling products, which we feel is a fair exchange for the free usage of the software functionality.

If you are a licensed user then the button can be removed as follows:

1. Click Edit in the Menu Toolbar.

2. Click Preferences. The Preferences dialog box will open.

3. Click Registration in the Categories menu.

4. Select the Hide AD bar box:

5. Click Apply.

Please note:

  • Licenses for PDF-Tools and PDF-XChange PRO will also enable this option.
  • Information on how to make similar changes in a server environment is available here.
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