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I have a problem with editing text in the PDF-Xchange Viewer.


I cannot figure out how to edit the text in a PDF-Document. 


The current version of the PDF-XChange Editor has the ability to edit the base content of the document. The Drivers (Lite or Standard), Tools and Viewer, do not have the ability to change the base content of a PDF document, although some can add to it now. The Editor can be installed from the following link:

For instructions regarding editing text in the Editor please see the following link:

If you are instead using the now discontinued Viewer, please see below:

 PDF-XChange Viewer

PDF-XChange Viewer v2 can perform extensive mark-ups and annotations to a document; it can even mask over existing content to blank it out and allow you to write over the top.  Many things that users expect need true editing of a PDF document can be handled in this way.  When using these techniques, the underlying content, though invisible, is still within the document itself.


Use the Text Box Tool to blank over existing text.

Select the Text Box Tool from the Tool Bar Text Box Tool  Once selected, the Properties Toolbar will show tit's current properties: TextBoxToolPropertiesToolBar  Here you can set the background colour, border style, colour and thickness, as well as the objects opacity and even it's Blend mode.  Choose a background colour that natches your document (very often this will be white)  and also select a 0.0 pixel border (no border) border

TextBoxToolBackGroundColourSelect                               TextBoxToolBorderSelect

**Note: the Text Box Tool Toolbar Icon will automatically change to reflect t the properties you have set for that tool.  With these properties TextBoxToolPropertiesToolBarGreen set the Toolbar looks like this: TextBoxToolGreen


Armed with your Text Box Tool (set to match your document background colour, and no border), you are ready to mask out existing text on your document.  Select your weapon (Text Box Tool) and draw a box around the text you wish to hide:



This empty text box can now be moved around and re-sized using the select tool and the objects 'handles' to cover exactly the text you wish to hide.



and by double clicking the Text Box Object, using the select tool, you can even go in there and add your own text:


See this article to change the font style of the Text Box text: KB#140

One final thing to do: if you do not want users to be able to move your new text box, or make changes to it, you should "Flatten" the document: KB#159


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