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How do I paste images into a PDF document?

  • Knowledge Base Article: KB278
  • Created On: May 11, 2010 04:22 PM
  • Last Modified: : Apr 1, 2014 03:15 PM
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 I cannot paste a picture into my PDF document, I copied the image file in My Documents but paste is grayed out when I right click the page in the Viewer where I want to put it.  Why can't I paste this image?



 The image must exist in the Windows clipboard as an image not as a file.



 Check what you are copying the image from.  If it is by clicking the file in My Documents or similar, it will not work, as that selects the file to copy. not the image itself.  To paste an image into a PDF, you need to have it open in an Image Editing application, such as Gimp, or the Paint program that comes with Windows. 

  1. Open the file in Image Editor, select the entire image CTRL+A or Edit > Select All 
  2. Copy it with CTRL+C or Edit > Copy
  3. Switch to PDF-XChange Viewer
  4. With your document open right click the location where you want to paste the image and you should find "Paste" no longer grayed out.

Your image is now pasted into your PDF document.



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