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I have installed PDF-XChange Viewer but I cannot locate the virtual print driver. Where is it located?


I have installed PDF-XChange Viewer but I cannot locate the print driver. Where is it located?


The installers for PDF-XChange Viewer do not include a print driver. This application is used to view, edit and annotate files. It features the functionality to send information to printers, but does not contain the functionality to print documents themselves.


Download and install our free virtual printer, PDF-XChange Lite, which is available here.

Please note that PDF-XChange Editor has now superseded PDF-XChange Viewer, which has been discontinued. PDF-XChange Lite is included when PDF-XChange Editor is purchased and will install automatically when PDF-XChange Editor is installed properly. This is also the case when PDF-Tools is installed.

If you have purchased PDF-XChange Standard or PDF-XChange PRO, then the PDF-XChange Standard virtual printer will be available when the product has been downloaded and installed properly.

Note: If you find that the printer was not installed with the aforementioned applications, please first restart your PC, as some printer dll's may require a system restart to be fully installed. Should that fail to resolve the issue, please contact form assistance resolving your installation issues.

When virtual printers have been downloaded and installed they are available in the list of printers contained in the Control Panel. Right-click printers and click Printing preferences to customize settings

These settings are detailed in the online manuals for our products, which are available here.

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