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Can I use PDF-Tools to change the security settings of multiple files at the same time?

Yes. You can either create a custom tool to accomplish this, or modify the default tool.

To modify the default tool, follow the steps below:

1. Open PDF-Tools.

2. Click the Protection Category.

3. Click the Secure PDF tool, and view its Tool Info in the right panel:

4. Expand the Choose Input Files action and ensure that Allow Select Multiple Files is enabled, or choose use the Select Folder/Select File List options instead.

5. Then in the Secure Document action, choose Password Security,

and click the elipses to open the Password Security dialog box:

  • Select an option from the Compatibility dropdown menu to determine the Acrobat build with which new passwords are compatible.
  • Select an encryption option:

- Encrypt all document contents encrypts all document content, including metadata and attachments.

Encrypt all document contents except metadata encrypts all document content and attachments.

- Encrypt only file attachments encrypts only file attachments.

  • The Document Passwords settings determine when documents will require passwords:

- Select the Require password to open the document box to set a password requirement to open documents, and enter the password in the text boxes.

- Select the Restrict editing and printing box to set a password requirement to edit/print documents, and enter the password in the text boxes.

  • Use the Permissions options to determine the permitted printing and editing changes.
  • Select the permissions check boxes as desired.

 6. You can now run the tool once to ensure that your changes have taken effect, these should be remembered for future uses of the tool.

If you have any questions about this process, please direct them to our Support Forum, or to our Support team directly.

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