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Why can't I access my scanner interface from PDF-XChange Editor or PDF Tools in a 64-bit version of Windows?


Why can't I access my scanner interface from PDF-XChange Editor or PDF Tools in a 64-bit version of Windows?

Why doesn't my system identify the scanner when I try to create PDF documents from it? I am using a 64-bit version of Windows and this process works when I use other applications, but not when I use PDF-XChange Editor or PDF Tools. 


True 64-bit applications in Windows cannot access 32-bit scanner drivers. N.b. in most cases these are TWAIN drivers.

Note that in recent versions of the Editor, it is now possible to use many 32-bit scanners within the 64-bit version of the Editor. If you find you are unable to use your 32-bit scanner, please update the Editor to the latest version, and then follow the below instructions.


There are two resolutions for this issue:

The first option is to install 64-bit scanner drivers. Check the website of the scanner's manufacturer. If a 64-bit scanner driver is available then download and install it. (Usually this installs a 64-bit driver that is reported as a WIA driver). The 64-bit applications on the local computer should be able to use this driver and interface.

The second option is to use a 32-bit instance of PDF-XChange Editor. The portable version of PDF-XChange Editor is 32-bit and can be downloaded here. Extract the content of the ZIP file and then double-click the PDFXEdit.exe executable to launch a 32-bit instance of PDF-XChange Editor.

If neither of these options works, please write an email to Be sure to include the Version and Build numbers of the Editor you have running currently, as well as the download link for your scanner drivers.


The best option in PDF-Tools, in cases where 64-bit scanner drivers are not available, is to perform the desired scanning operations in PDF-XChange Editor. The documents can then be saved and used in PDF-Tools in the standard manner. (Please note that if you have purchased a PDF-Tools license then you qualify automatically for a PDF-XChange Editor license).

If the installed version of the Editor does not help, please try the Portable version, available here.

Instructions on how to scan documents in PDF-XChange Editor are available here.

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