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How do I change the location of the arrow in Callout Tool annotations?


How do I change the location of the arrow in Callout Tool annotations?


When callout tool annotations are first placed, the arrow is located immediately behind the annotation, at the point where the mouse was clicked:

Click and drag to reposition callout annotations. The arrowhead will remain at its initial location:

Please note the control points. These are used to resize, reposition and (in the case of the green control point) rotate callout annotations. Click and drag the control point at the arrowhead to resposition the arrow:

The location of the base of the arrow updates automatically when the arrowhead is moved in this example. This is because the Auto Adjust Arm Position feature is enabled, which relocates the base of the arrow to the centre of the closest side of the annotation to the arrowhead. If this feature is not enabled then the base of the arrow will remain at its original location when the arrowhead is moved. Right-click annotations and then click Auto Ajust Arm Position in the submenu to enable/disable this feature.

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