Can I move pages between open documents in PDF-XChange Editor or PDF-XChange Viewer?

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Can I move pages between open documents in PDF-XChange Editor or PDF-XChange Viewer?


Yes - this operation is possible in both applications. Please follow the instructions detailed below:

PDF-XChange Editor

1. Press Crtl+T to open the Thumbnails pane.

2. Select the pages to be moved from the source document. (Press and hold Shift to select multiple pages).

3. Click and drag the pages until the pointer is on the tab of the recipient document:

4. Move the pages into the Thumbnails pane of the recipient document and then drop them at the desired location:

Alternatively, open both documents in PDF-XChange Editor, and then click Window in the Menu Toolbar and select either Active Document to New Horizontal Tab Group or Active Document to New Vertical Tab Group:

The screenshot below shows the active documents in a vertical tab group:

Press Ctrl+T to open the thumbnails pane and then click and drag pages between panes to copy them between documents.

PDF-XChange Viewer

Follow the steps below to move pages between documents in PDF-XChange Viewer:

1. Open the desired documents.

2. Click Edit in the Menu Toolbar, then click Preferences in the submenu. The Preferences dialog box will open. Ensure the settings in the General tab match those below:

3. Click Apply and then click OK.

4. Click Window in the Menu Toolbar and then click Tile Vertically:

5. Press Ctrl+T in each window to open the thumbnails pane for each document: 

6. Click and drag pages between the thumbnails panes as desired.


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