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How do I determine the order of comments when I use the summarize comments feature in PDF-XChange Editor?


The comments do not appear in the same order as they do in the document when I use the Summarize Comments feature in PDF-XChange Editor.


The Summarize Comments settings determine the order in which comments are displayed in comment summaries. Comments can be grouped by their Page, Type, Author, Date and Subject. Comments can also be sorted by these factors, and there is the additional option to sort by Visual Order. If the order of comments in a comments summary does not match the order of comments in the document then it is because of these settings.


Adjust the settings so that the order of comments in the comments summary matches the order of comments in the document:

1. Click Comments in the Menu Toolbar, then click Summarize Comments in the submenu.

The Summarize Comments dialog box will open:

2. Select Page in the Group By dropdown menu.

3. Select Visual Order in the Sort By dropdown menu.

4. Click OK.

The comments summary will then be created and the order of comments will match that of the document.

Further information about the Summarize Comments feature is available here.

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