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Why does output have demo stamps when I print to SDK drivers that have a full license?


I purchased and installed an SDK, but when I print to the drivers from applications such as Microsoft Word there are demo stamps on the output.

Cause :

The conditions of your license. The developer SDK licenses enable PDF creation within host applictions and the distribution of only our runtime files. The SDK products are not licensed as general-purpose virtual printers for third-party applications. Therefore, the driver functions only when developer applications pass the serial number and developer code prior to printing, which unlocks the driver and enables the printing of PDFs free of demo stamps.


If you want to provide clients with PDF creation capability from Windows applications then a valid PDF-XChange Editor end user license is required for each user, in addition to your SDK license. Tracker Software provides generous discounts to developers for client redistribution. Please contact for further information.

Never enter your serial number in the product installer or the end user UI interface of the driver. Licensing information must always be passed in the application code itself and never exposed to third parties. 

Please note that our license agreement does not allow either the creation of applications that exposes the API of our products to other developers or the creation of tools for non-end user purposes. It is very important to read the license agreement in full and ensure that your intended use of our products does not in breach its terms. We allow complete and unrestricted use of our products in evaluation mode so that developers can make a clear assessment - and, in many cases, fully create applications - before making a purchase. Our hope is that this can provide 100% satisfaction, as we do not offer refunds.

Additionally, coding applications to open Word files (and many other document types) is possible. It is necessary to pass the unlock info, then print and close the application and file. We provide a demo app that shows this in the installation folders.

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