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I cannot set PDF-XChange Editor to use "Set to users Default Regional Settings" - the option is 'grayed out'. Why is this the case?


Why is the option to "Set to users Default Regional Settings" grayed out when I access the languages preferences in PDF-XChange Editor?


PDF-XChange Editor requires the presence of a language file specific to the location of the computer in order to use the system "Default Regional Settings." Please note that the PDF-XChange products have been translated into dozens of languages, but some are still pending or in process. If this option is not available then the necessary language file is not available and the setting will remain grayed out. It is our intention to include many more languages in our products. If your language is not included currently then we apologize for the inconvenience. However, we offer free licenses to parties willing to provide and maintain language packs. Please Visit this link and contact for further information.

Some languages feature multiple versions, such as English. If the region for a specified language does not exist, then PDF-XChange Editor will look for the next language file for that language. For example if the specified region requires Canadian english and the en_CA file is not present, then American English (en_US) will be used instead, when it is available, and will be the language specified in the "Set to users Default Regional Settings" option.


Use the language tools that Tracker Software offers to create the correct regional file; it is free to download and use.

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