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How do I use JavaScript in PDF-XChange Editor?


How do I use JavaScript in PDF-XChange Editor?


The JavaScript Console can be used to add JavaScript to documents in PDF-XChange Editor. JavaScript is a high-level programming language that can be used to perform a range of operations. See here for an index of existing JavaScript operations that PDF-XChange Editor supports and additional information about JavaScript. Follow the steps below to open and utilize the JavaScript Console:

1. On the Form tab, click JavaScript Console (or press Ctrl+J):

The JavaScript Console will open:

2. Enter the desired JavaScript into the console.

3. Click Run (or press Ctrl+Enter) to run JavaScript. Please note:

- Errors in JavaScript will be displayed in the lower window. 

- Click Clear to remove error messages from the lower window.

- Click JS Options to customize JavaScript options. Available options are detailed here.

Create a JavaScript Link

Follow the steps below to create a link that activates JavaScript:

1. On the Home tab, click Create Link.

2. Click and drag the pointer to determine the size and location of the link.

The Browse for Link Target dialog box will open:

3. Click Advanced. 

The Edit Action List dialog box will open and the Add dropdown menu will be expanded:

4. Click Run a JavaScript. The Add Action: "Run a JavaScript" dialog box will open.

5. Enter the desired JavaScript and click OK to create the JavaScript link.

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