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How do I give Tracker Support remote access to my PC to resolve an issue?

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  • Created On: Feb 24, 2012 12:48 PM
  • Last Modified: : Jun 23, 2014 09:25 AM
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 I have a problem that requires Tracker Support to access my PC directly to investigate.  How do I do that?



All support is handled through email, excepting only extenuating circumstances, where the usual methods of support cannot reach a resolution.



For license holders of Tracker Software products with valid maintenance in place we may, as a last resort and at our discretion, request to connect to your PC remotely in order to further the support of our products.



Before we can connect users must agree to indemnify us against damages to their system and data.

Please download, read, sign and return to us the Agreement to Indemnify.  Once this is recieved, we will make appropriate arrangements to remotely connect.



  1. Tracker Support does not do remopte support unless there are extenuating circumstances.  We do not accept connections without prior arrangement.  Please use email, unless you have been explicitly sent to this page, to arrange remote support.
  2. Download the TeamViewer Version 7  installer.  Note that you need Version 7 not later versions for free support from us.
  3. You can either install TeamViewer on your system or simply run it without installing.
  4. Send 'Your ID' and 'Password' to Tracker Support to arrange a time for us to connect.

    Double click the teamViewer installer and grant it permission to run, if prompted, by clicking 'Run'.:

    TeamViewer UAC

    1. Install TeamViewer

      1. Click the 'Install radio button and click 'Next'.

        Install TeamViewer

      2. Read and accept the TeamViewer License and click 'Next'..


      3. Choose Installation type.  You can choose either option here, the default 'No' is sufficient for our purposes.

        choose installation type - TeamViewer

        Click 'Next'.

      4. TeamViewer installs.:

      5. After Installation completes and opens the TeamViewer interface:

        TeamViewer Interface

    2. Run TeamViewer without Installing

      1. Select the 'Run' radio button.

        Run without Installing

      2. Read and accept the TeamViewer License:

        Accept TeamViewer License

      3. The TeamViewer Interface opens:

        TeamViewer UI

  5. Connect with Tracker Software Support

Send 'Your ID" and 'Password' to Tracker Support, with your signed agreement, to arrange a time for Tracker Support staff to connect.


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