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Why can't I print PDF documents correctly from Google Chrome?


When I print a documents from Google Chrome, the text is distorted under high zoom: 

Additionally, I cannot select text after I 'reprint' to PDF.


The default print settings in Google Chrome convert PDF text into curves. This means that text information is lost, and the resultant text is uneven and cannot be selected.

Note that this issue is internal to Google Chrome itself and cannot be resolved by another application like ours. If they change their handling in the future to send proper font information, this will begin working automatically. 


We will soon be offering an "open webpage in PDF-XChange" browser addon for both Chrome and Firefox to help mitigate this issue. This will allow our software to directly open the webpage and perform the conversion without any reliance on the web browsers sending the correct data. When that option is available, it will replace the best solution listed below, until then, see below.

The best solution to this issue is to print instead from Internet Explorer, or any other web browser that correctly sends Font data to the printer.

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