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I updated my software. Why are there now watermarks on output documents?


I purchased a user license. Later, when I updated the software, watermarks appeared on the output documents.


The maintenance for the software has either Expired or been Blocked due to an upgrade. If this happens and a newer build is installed then watermarks will appear on the output documents.

If you are having this issue and your license key says Valid in the Editor, Please contact for assistance.

In the past, major version updates required a specific style license key to be associated to them, we no longer have this requirement, so for example, as long as the maintenance covers the correct dates, you could use a version 7 license key in some Version 8 builds.


Blocked keys

If your license key says blocked in the Editor (help > License key) this means that the key has been used in a upgrade, and you can likely log into your user account to retrieve the new license key:

Then Input the new key in the Editor via Help > License key > add new.

(Note: It is also possible for a key to be blocked because fraudulent activity was confirmed on your account.)

Expired keys

There are two ways to resolve this issue:

The first option is to upgrade your user license:

1. Login to your account here.

2. Upgrade your license:

- If you have valid maintenance then this is not required, but you can still purchase a maintenance extension to have a new style key generated.

- If you do not have valid maintenance then you can avail of a significant discount. Click the Add to Cart button:

(The cost is personalized based on how long maintenance on that specific license has been expired, and this article does not act as any sort of offical quote)

3. Add the serial key as detailed here.

The second option is to revert to a previous version of the product that your user license covers:

1. Move to the Control panel and use the Programs section to uninstall all currently installed Tracker Software products.

2. Download and install the correct previous version of the product you hold a license for, you can find this from your Account page:

Please note that the .zip installer is the best choice for most users. It will detect the system architecture of your computer and install 32 or 64 bit components as appropriate. Also note that as of Version 8, the 32 bit Editor will not install on 64 bit system architecture, while 64 bit could never be installed on 32 bit systems. System admins, please ensure that you are acquiring the correct MSI for the machines you plan to deply to.

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