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I Have an Extra PDF-XChange application Icon After Updating


 I have an extra PDF-XChange Editor/Viewer/Tools icon after updating and it looks different than the one that I had previously. What changed? 


This issue has been identified as being likely cause by our older installers not fully removing the old installation. If you have encountered this issue, please Uninstall the old versions, and the extra icons should disappear.

The uninstall process is simple:

  1. Open the Start Menu
  2. Type control panel and press enter
  3. Locate Programs and Features, and Click on it.
  4. Click the Publisher tab at the top and locate anything by Tracker Software Products Ltd.
  5. Uninstall any old versions of the same software you have installed, you can find this out by looking at the Installed On column

At this point the old version will begin uninstalling and once complete, the icon should disappear.

If the above does not work

We ask for your patience and co-operation here. Before you delete anything, please provide us with each and every one of the following, or we may be unable to resolve the issue:

  1. Screen-shots of both icons.
  2. A screen-shot of the contents of the "Tracker Software" folder, This can be found by copying and pasting C:\Program Files\Tracker Software into the windows explorer address bar (unless another path was specified during installation
  3. A screen-shot of the contents of Tracker Software folder from the Start Menu.

Once we have these from you, please package them in a .zip folder (right click within the Explorer pane, select New-->ZIP Folder and move/copy the screen-shots there) and send them to We would love to look into this issue further!

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