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Can I use PDF-XChange Standard to print one page of a Word document multiple times on the same page when I print to PDF?


Can I use PDF-XChange Standard to print one page of a Word document multiple times on the same page when I print to PDF?


Yes - PDF-XChange Standard or PDF-XChange Lite can be used for this purpose:

1. Open the document in Microsoft Word, click the File tab and then click Print.

2. Select either PDF-XChange Standard or PDF-XChange Lite in the Printer list, then click Printer Properties:

The PDF-XChange Standard Properties dialog box will open.

3. Ensure the Paper tab is selected, then select Multiple Pages Per Sheet in the Layout Type dropdown menu. Then, in the Page Per Sheet dropdown menu, select the number of pages to be printed on each page. This example will use four pages:

4. Click OK.

5. Return to the Microsoft Word Print dialog box and move to the Pages text box, which is used to enter custom page ranges.

6. Enter the page number of the page to be printed, one time for each page per sheet, delimited with commas. For example, if page number one is being printed four times, then "1,1,1,1" is the correct value:

7. Click Print. The output document will contain four copies of page number one on a single sheet:

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