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Microsoft has Ended Support for Windows XP


Microsoft has ended support for Windows XP as of April 8, 2014. This means that end users will receive no further updates, fixes or patches for the Windows XP product line. It also represents a problem to software application developers such as Tracker Software Products. This is because the Microsoft development tools required to compile our applications to operate in Windows has been altered, which now affects how our products function in Windows XP.

Unfortunately, this process is beyond our control. However, we appreciate that there is still a significant Windows XP user-base worldwide, and we have done our best to support Windows XP in our products. Please note that this has become increasingly challenging as Microsoft has changed the manner in which Windows functions, as well as how applications compile via the MS Visual Studio toolkits to run on the Windows operating system. Therefore the onus is on users to ensure that they have installed the latest Microsoft Windows XP service packs. This will ensure the best performance of our products on Windows XP systems.

Assuming your Window XP system is fully up to date, all PDF-XChange products up to Version 7 will run correctly on your PC, Version 8 and higher are no longer be able to support Windows XP. If you do not have all the latest Service Packs and Updates for Windows XP installed, we cannot promise that our software will run as expected.

Eventually it will become necessary for users to migrate to later versions of the Windows operating system in order to ensure access to the latest releases of our products. Please rest assured that we have done our best to extend the life of Windows XP installations for as long as possible, and may offer security updates to our Version 7 products in the future to cover possible vulnerabilities, just as we have in the past with our now discontinued PDF-XChange Viewer.

XP Compatible Downloads

For easy access, you can download the latest Legacy installers of each product below. All installer links are both 32-bit and 64-bit compatible, and will determine which version to install automatically based on your current system architecture. The portable version of the Editor is only available in 32-bit, but will run on 64-bit machines as well.

Version 7

PDF-XChange Editor and Editor (Build 328.2) [Portable (32-bit only)]

PDF-XChange Standard Printer (Build 328.2)

PDF-Tools (Build 328.2)

PDF-XChange PRO (Build 328.2)

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