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Can I use PDF-XChange Editor to manipulate pages?


Can I use PDF-XChange Editor to manipulate pages?


Yes - there are multiple commands in PDF-XChange Editor that are used to mainpulate pages.

Please note that this article details commands that are used to manipulate entire pages. If you want to edit page content then see the article here.

The following functions are available in PDF-XChange Editor for the manipulation of pages:

  • Insert Pages is used to insert document pages into the active document. These functions are detailed here.
  • Extract Pages is used to extract pages from the active document. This function is detailed here.
  • Replace Pages is used to replace document pages with pages from a different document. This function is detailed here.
  • Delete Pages is used to delete document pages. This function is detailed here.
  • Crop Pages is used to crop document pages. This function is detailed here.
  • Rotate Pages is used to rotate document pages. This function is detailed here.

Open the Organize tab to access these commands:

Further functions for some options are available from their respective dropdown menus:

These functions are detailed here.

Additionally, please note that the Thumbnails pane is a convenient resource for editing pages. On the View tab click Panes and select Thumbnails to activate the Thumbnails pane:

The Thumbnails pane will open:

Thumbnails are a convenient method to view and manage document pages. A smaller representation of the pages of the active document are displayed in the Thumbnails pane.

  • The orange box represents the current view.
  • Click on page locations in thumbnails to move to the same loation in the active document.
  • Click and drag pages within the thumbnails pane to reorder them in the active document.
  • Press and hold Ctrl to select multiple pages for group-editing.
  • Drag documents from the desktop and into the thumbanils pane in order to add them to the active document.
  • Thumbnails can also be used to create page ranges. Click the first page of the desired range, then press and hold Shift and click the final page of the desired range.
  • Page thumbnails for other documents can be dragged into the thumbnails pane in order to add them to the active document. Alternatively, select and copy pages within one document and paste them into the thumbnails pane of another document (or click and drag) in order to move pages between documents.

Further information about the Thumbnails pane is available here.

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