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How do I print a single page of a PDF document on several sheets of paper using PDF XChange Editor


I have pages i wish to print at full resolution that are too large for my printer, how can I print it to multiple sheets to maintain fidelity?

You might have a page larger than the paper size available in your printer, but want to print it without scaling (at 100%), or you just want to zoom in a small page and make it print over several sheets which you can then put together to make a larger printed copy of your file. 


This is possible with Page Tiling, availabel from directly within the print dialog. You have options to split the page scross sheets, or to place multiple sheets on one page. Depending on the application, you may wish to have a level of overlap applied, which is also available.


Printing Large Pages

Sometimes you could have large pages that you want to print to paper at a 1:1 ratio. E.g. you have a PDF version of a scanned book where you have couples of pages from the original book saved as one page in the PDF document.

If you want to print those back to paper with one page per sheet you can do so using the PDF XChange Editor.

Open the Editor and load your file. Then start the printing process by going to File -> Print or pressing the Ctrl-P key combination. A new window will open.
Check your printer's preferences by pressing the "Properties..." button next to the printer name at the top left of the window.
In the same window in the Pages Placement and Scaling section, change the Type to Tile large Pages.

In the preview on the right hand side of the window you will see how your original page is now split so that it can be placed on the smaller sheets of paper. 

In the above image there is an A3 page tiled over two A4 sheets, and if printed to the selected device - it will produce two physical A4 sheets of paper. As the above utilizes a "virtual" printer, there is no margin, however most physical printers will display margins. Changes to the Page Zoom and Overlap settings might be necessary. The following section reviews a case where those are needed.

Scale and overlap the print

Sometimes you will need to scale the print but it will still not fit on the available paper for your device. In such cases you can still use the Tile Large Pages scaling option, and then fine tune the print job with the zoom and overlap settings.

The above image shows an architectural drawing which needs to be printed with an alternate Page Zoom on A4 sheets of paper. An Overlap is selected so that the printed sheets of paper can be easily "glued" together to form the final result. The above image also shows a Composite View of the original page as it would be split on the sheets of paper. The Composite/Normal View mode can be activated from a button in the lower right corner of the preview window, above the Cancel button.

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