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How do I quickly access variations of a specific Tool?


I frequently use a number of variations of a particular Tool and it is cumbersome to have to manually change the properties each time I use the default tool.  I want to have quick and easy access to these variations on the default tools.


Each instance of a particular comment (the things created by tools are typically comment objects) can have it's own unique properties.  These are typically set by selecting that instance and changing the properties using the "Properties Toolbar" for each instance of that object.


Use the "Comments Styles Palette" to create a collection of tools, each with the specific properties you want and switch between these.  For the purpose of this article, I will create a collection of different coloured Highlight Tools that can be used as though you had a handful of highlighter pens, at hand.  This technique can be applied to any tool that can accept changes to their properties.

To create a highlight tool 

By default, the Highlight Tool is set to Yellow, with 100% Opacity and Blend Mode as Multiply.

1.Open Comment styles pallet

Right click on the highlight tool and click comment styles pallet, or (in the classic UI) go to Comments --> Comment Styles Pallette.

Now select "Current Style"->Clone 

Clone as many times as needed. For the purposes of this KB I will create an off color highlighter. 

2. Create new styles 

Click on "Style (_)"-->Fill Color-->*Choose your color* 

Repeat this step with each style.

3. Renaming

Select the tool you wish to rename and click on .
A window will pop up asking you to name the highlighter:

Repeat for each tool. 

To switch between your new tools properties click on the small arrow pointing down next to the tool and choose the one you want.

Adding Variations of a specific tool to the toolbars

Once you have added all the colors you desire, you can add each variation of the tool to the toolbar.

1. Go to View> Toolbars> Customize Toolbars

2. Go to the Commands tab and search the custom style name given to the tool variation.

3. Drag the icon for the custom style  to your desired location on the toolbar.

You may also add custom keyboard shortcuts for commands...

By searching for a tool in the commands section of the customize window, you can add or change keyboard shortcuts associated with certain tools. For example, I use the Highlight text tool often and mousing over to it can be tiresome. I will create a keyboard shortcut by searching for the tool, selecting it then going to properties: 


I have chosen Alt+H as my shortcut, then I click on the green check mark to assign it. 

Note that you must use the desired action when assigning (e.g. pushing the two keys instead of typing a,l,t,+,H) 

If there is a conflict, the Editor will provide a warning and the shortcut will not work. 

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