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Why doesn't PDF-XChange Editor open my document at the first page?


PDF XChange Editor does not open the document at the first page.


You can use the Document Properties to determine the page at which documents open:

1. Click the File tab, then click Document Properties:

The Document Properties dialog box will open. Click Initial View in the Categories pane, then click the Action Type dropdown menu and select Goto Page. Then, in the Open to Page number box, change the value to '1':
Please note that the Document Properties dialog box had a slightly different appearance prior to version 8. If you are using one of these versions, then the Open to Page number box is located in the Layout and Magnification section:

Please note that there is another setting in PDF-XChange Editor that may affect which page of a document is displayed first when the document is opened. This is the Initial Display setting in the Page Display preferences. To view this setting, click the File tab and then click Preferences:

The Preferences dialog box will open. Click Page Display in the Categories pane, then clear the Restore the last used view of documents box:

Click Apply and then click OK to save the settings.

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