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How do I install products from the command line to use the new "Protected Keys" in place since build 308?


I have used the command line install option KEY=<reg key> but my license details are not passed to the product during install.


As of build 308 we have changed the way we register licenses in our PDF products.


The new serial key paradigm includes a choice of activation methods, either using a string or a "vault" file.

Passing the key as a file:

Use the option KEYFILE=<xcvault file> This is used to specify the UNC location of the license vault file <filename>.xcvault. 

e.g. KEYFILE="C:\Users\paul\Desktop\Personal.xcvault"

Passing the key as a string:

Use the option KEYDATA=<regkey> This is used to specify the registration key using a text string. 

e.g. KEYDATA="PXP70-Y5EN....cFrBqnyKhv6eOw="

Note that this new key is hundreds of characters long and as such doesn't readily lend itself to being passed as a string at the command line, use of the KEYFILE is recommended.

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