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How do I use the calibration tool in the Editor?


The scale of my document does not match the scale of my technical drawing. 


 To set a scale for an entire drawing, you must use the calibration tool put in place as of build 309.

Using the Calibration tool

To use the calibration tool you must first find a known distance, once you have, you can set all future measurements based upon that one. 

Press Ctrl+Shift+C and choose two points with a known distance between them. In the example, I have chosen to calibrate the measurements using a doorway of three feet (3').

Holding shift while placing the calibration will keep the tool horizontal, 45 degrees or vertical.  

Note: With snapping turned on, I have reliable consistency in placing my measurements along lines, or in this case, inside the middle of the door jam (indicated by the red triangle) see here for more details and how to use/ implement the snapping function. 

When the calibration is placed, the following window will show up: 

In the highlighted field, place the desired measurement. A unit of measurement is required or you will see an Error message declaring Unit expected at position x.
Notice that I have placed 3' to indicate three feet for a scale of 12.15pt=3' then press OK.

Note: The formatting you use in this field, will be the formatting displayed. For example if I want the following format 5' 6 1/2" I would place 3' 0/12" 

Note: All units available in the Editor are available to use in the calibration, up to as many decimal points, or any fraction accuracy specified in the highlighted field above. For example 1.0000000000000m (meters).

If no decimal places are specified (e.g. 3 ft / 3'), then it will round to the nearest whole number when measuring.

Now you will be able to place all future measurements using this scale. 

You can manage the format/scale later by right clicking on a measurement, set scale:

In the screenshot below, I have encased the measurement of the initial calibration. All measurements placed after calibration are red.  


Notice the different format in the screenshot below. The scale is the same, only the format in which it is displayed is different.

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