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How do I change the page view in full screen mode


How do I change the the page view in fullscreen, in the Editor?


Currently, there is no button that allows for this, but it can be done by creating a custom keyboard shortcut for two pages: 

On the Help tab, click Customize Toolbars.

In the resulting dialog, open the Commands tab. and search for the desired function (Single Page, Continuous, two pages, or two pages continuous).

Locate the fucntion, and click Properties:

Choose your keyboard shortcut then press the green check-mark to verify the shortcut. For this the example, we have chosen Ctrl+Shift+2 

Highlighted below, you will see that the shortcut is not conflicting with any existing keyboard shortcuts. 

Repeat these steps with each page view function you will need to switch between in fullscreen mode.

You can use this shortcut at any time. By entering full screen mode, and using it, you will see the desired view. 

**Note, most keyboard shortcuts function in full screen mode. For instructions on how to use all the features available for full screen mode, please see the following article:

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