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How do I post a support request to the forum?


How do I post a support request to the forum?


Please read the guidelines below in full before posting support requests to the forum. If you have been referred here after making a request for support, the information you provided was not sufficient. The list below details all necessary information that we require in order to answer your queries. Please include everything on the list. Doing so will ensure we can assist you as quickly and comprehensively as possible, and keeping our customers happy is one of our major priorities. We aim to answer all forum posts within eight hours – and we are usually much faster.

Thank you,

The Tracker Software Team

Before Posting to the Forum

  • Ensure the latest build/release of the product is installed. We are continually improving our products and it is possible that the issues you are experiencing are related to bugs that have now been fixed. If you are unsure how to do this then please see KB#241
  • Ensure you have checked all error/return codes in your source code. (If using an SDK product)
  • Ensure all the required DLLs are in the same folder as the compiled .exe when testing your application. (SDK)
  • If no PDF output files are generating with your application then try and output the same files with one of the Tracker Software demo applications. If these also do not generate output then there is an installation issue, or at least one of the required DLLs is not in the same folder as the .exe. (SDK)

Minimum Information Required for Forum Posts

  • Version and build of the Tracker Software product in question.
  • Version and build of the development tool/application in use. (E.g. Delphi 6, VB.Net etc).
  • Windows version and service pack information.
  • A clear and concise description of the issue itself.
  • Relevant source files (for example, if you are converting an image, then please supply the image file) and, when applicable, PDF files that have been generated from the process.
  • Relevant code snippets. (SDK)
  • If possible then please also include a small sample of the compiled application, source project code, supporting files/data and basic instructions on how to reproduce the issue you are experiencing. (SDK)

Additionally, please ZIP files before they are posted, as there is a 2MB limit in the forum. If your files exceed this size then post a request for direct FTP upload information. We recommend using WINRAR or 7zip to zip files. 7zip is highly efficient and free – a download is available here.

The Tracker Software forum is located at

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