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All Versions and installers

All versions and installers

In case your maintenance has expired, you will not be able to license a version or build of the product you purchased which was released after your maintenance period expired. Discounted maintenance and renewals are available from within your account should you wish to use the latest release of our products. For more details regarding product maintenance please contact
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Using The Version and Build You Purchased
If you do not wish to upgrade your license to the latest version and build, you are more than welcome to install and use a build that was released within your maintenance period. The installer for the newest version and build to which your license is applicable is available on your account page

Please click on the product link below to be directed to that product's downloads page containing all versions and installers. If you are not sure what version and build you should install and are unable to log into your account please contact
Finally, unless you know what you are doing please use the .exe (.zip) installer.

End User Downloads

Product Name Serial Key Prefix All version and build installers
PDF-XChange Editor/Editor Plus PEP, PVP
PDF-XChange Standard PXC
PDF-XChange Lite Availible for free

Developer Downloads

Product Name All versions and build installers
PDF-XChange Editor SDK
PDF-XChange Editor Simple SDK
PDF-XChange Core API SDK
PDF-XChange Viewer ActiveX SDK
PDF-XChange Drivers API

Discontinued Downloads

Product Name Serial Key Prefix All Version and Build Installers
PDF-XChange Viewer PVP
PDF-XChange Viewer PRO SDK N/A
PDF-XChange Viewer Simple DLL SDK N/A
Tiff-XChange N/A
Raster-XChange N/A
Raster-XChange SDK N/A
Image-XChange SDK N/A
Tiff-XChange SDK N/A
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