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How do I Use the Editor View tab?


 I am not clear on what all of the options on the View tab do. 


The available options are detailed below, 

View Options:


For all the Toolbar customization options, such as adding and removing buttons can be found in this KB:

Rotate View:

When rotate view is used, the file appears to be rotated. Shortcuts CTRL+Shift+'[Number pad] +'/CTRL+Shift+'[Number pad] -' will only change the way the page(s) are displayed on screen in the current instance of the Editor. It is somewhat akin to turning your head sideways to look at the document. When you close the Editor, this rotation is lost and the next time you open the file, the pages will be rotated as defined in the file itself. See more information here:

Bookmarks, Thumbnails, and Other Panes: 

Each option brings up their respective pane. By default, they are snapped to the left  of the window, with a few exceptions. 

For some tips and tricks on using document panes, see here.

Default Exceptions include: 

Pan Zoom: Floating. More information on hot to use the pan zoom can be found here

Stamps Pallets: Floating. More information on how to use the stamps pallet here.

Comment Styles Pallet: Floating. More information on how to use the comment styles pallet can be found here.

Properties Pane: Snapped to the right 

Attachments Pane: Snapped to bottom

Page Layout

'RTL' Layout

Right to left page layout: This changes way pages shown side by side behave. It reverses the order in which the pages are read. 

Whereas they would normally be read like the following: 

Ribbon Layout

Standard layout: Displays documents From top to bottom.

Ribbon layout: Displays the document from from left to right: 


Rulers: Rulers help measure document size:






















Notice the red lines in the rulers match the X and Y co-ordinance axis of the mouse pointer, regardless of the current tool. 

Grid: Shows a grid on the document which can be used as reference, or to snap to using the snapping options found in the following KB:

Guide: Guides can be placed anywhere across a document. These can be snapped to using the instructions found here

Place guides by dragging from either the horizontal, or vertical ruler bar: 

You can also drag guides from the top left corner where the rulers meet: 

JavaScript Console: Opens the JavaScript console. For more information about how to use the JavaScript console, please see the following KB:


For snapping options, please see the following KB:


These options are used to view existing portfolios.  


Choosing this activates full screen mode. For fullscreen options, please see the following KB:

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact  

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