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Positioning Panes and Windows


Floating Panes

Editor Panes- tips and Tricks 

In the Editor, you can change the position of the panes, Such as the bookmarks, thumbnails, properties pane etc. Simply drag and drop it into position for it to float. By drag and dropping just one of the multiple open tabs, the Editor will float only that tab. 


Snapping Panes and Tabs: 

When you move a pane over one of the snap points, you will see where it can snap.  

These are the standard snap point icons for snapping panes to the edges:


When snapping Documents, you are given one central snap icon:


The same can be done with tabs and windows

The result would be the following. Note That you must have the mouse pointer over the snap point for the action to take place: 

Note how the two tabs are in the same window. To have the same panes show up in each viewed tad, you must have the "synchronize layout of documents panes across all open documents" activated. (File > Preferences > Documents > Setup)

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