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I have a problem with the PDF-XChange Editor crashing when trying to print or when accessing the printer's properties


 The Editor crashes when printing any document to my printer, or when accessing the printer's properties. With Adobe Reader works fine.


This is most likely caused by the manufacturer of your printer's drivers using invalid 64-bit pointers. This is a common issue with drivers that were initially designed to be 32-bit, and can be tested by printing any other 64-bit app i.e. Notepad (Notepad is installed as 64-bit, by default, with 64-bit Windows OS's).

 **Note: If Notepad does not crash, this is not your issue and you will need to contact for further troubleshooting.

Adobe Reader works correctly because it is a 32-bit application.


If other 64-bit apps also crash when attempting to print to your printer, then the only possible resolution, is to request proper/updated 64-bit drivers for your printer.

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