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What is an XCVault file and how does it work?


"What is an XCVault?" "What is Personal.xcvault?" "When I log into my account, I'm given an option to download my serial key. What does that mean" "What is the benefit to using the Vault file, rather than serial key?"


 With Version 5.5 and builds 308 onwards, we switched to a new serial key paradigm and protection system. With this system, we were able to offer both the standard Serial Key method of licensing the application, as well as using a license file to license the application. This license file is called an "XCVault" file (XCVault meaning "XChange Vault"). This effects the following products:

- PDF-XChange Lite
- PDF-XChange Viewer
- PDF-XChange Editor
- PDF-Tools
- PDF-XChange Standard
- PDF-XChange PRO (a bundled installation/license of the XChange Editor, PDF-Tools and XChange Standard)

The XCVault (also referred to as just "the Vault/vault") file is, quite literally, a file that contains the license information and serial key. When double left-clicked, with builds 308 and later installed, the Vault will license all products that the license contained within is valid for. For example; if the PDF-XChange Editor, PDF-XChange Lite and PDF-Tools were installed on a user's computer, double left-clicking the vault would then 'activate'  the PDF-XChange Editor and PDF-XChange Lite, but not PDF-Tools (as a license for the Editor will not license PDF-Tools). The benefit to this method, is that if you previously had the free version of the software installed (provided you have installed build 308 or later), there is no need to re-install and supply a license key during installation, you can simply double left-click the XCVault file and all products, covered under your license, will be licensed. The Vault file is available from within your account, here:


It's important to note, in some instances, where the license information is stored. We store this information within the Windows Registry and, depending on the method used to license the application, it can be stored in different areas. When specifically using the XCVault file, this information is stored in both HKCU\Software\Tracker Software\Vault and HKLM\SOFTWARE\Tracker Software\Vault. It's also important to note that the license information is stored as a Hexadecimal value:

So if you're trying to deploy the license by pushing out a Reg. Key, you would likely need to license one machine (actively in use, or a test machine), in order to first create the Reg. key.
Lastly, a brief explanation of exactly what the XCVault file is: it is, essentially, a modified ZIP file, contain an XML file with the license data (renaming the extension from .xcvault to .zip will demonstrate this):

I would strongly recommend taking a look at the online help site, for information on MSI/EXE switches and installation.

(Select specific product manual --> Introduction --> Switches for exe/MSI installers)

Or take a look at the KB article(s) below:



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